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Documentary : Nature


The Dragon on Monkey Mountain


ボスザルドラゴンの高崎山日記 [OBS]

|Length : 12min. |Year : 1992

At the Takasaki Natural Zoo in Oita Prefecture, monkeys run free. "The Dragon on Monkey Mountain" is a humorous but informative look at the daily activities of the monkeys through the eyes of "Dragon," a "boss monkey" who leads one of the zoo's three monkey troops. Dragon's lively narration guides viewers through the documentary, which shows how the monkeys interact with each other - and with the human visitors to the zoo.

Yuki-No-Bo Mountain “ZAO”


「雪の坊」の山 蔵王 [YBC]

|Length : 26min. |Year : 1992

Mt. Zao is one of Japan's most prominent ski resorts. On the slopes of its Jizo Park, strange clusters of snow appear, which the local people came to call "Yuki-no-bo." These natural works of art are produced during periods of intense cold weather, when the seasonal northeast winds from Siberia completely covers fir trees with snow and ice. This program focuses on the unusual natural environment seen at Mt. Zao, including the "snow trees" and the volcanic crater lake.

Pelican Kindergartner


鏡の国のカッタ君 [TYS]

|Length : 47min. |Year : 1992

In 1989, a large pelican suddenly began paying daily visits to a kindergarten in the city of Ube. The friendly big bird, named "Katta," was hatched in an incubator in the zoo nearby. A bird is often convinced that the first thing it sees after birth is its parent. Katta was no exception in this respect as he was brought up surrounded by people. But while attending the kindergarten every day, the young bird fell in love with its own reflection in a mirror. The documentary portrays the loving relationship that develops between the kindergarten pupils, teachers and the famous pelican.

The Backstreet Cats of Tokyo


ノラ猫タローと仲間達 涙と笑いの渋谷裏路地大冒険 [NTV]

|Length : 29min. |Year : 1993

In this wise and witty documentary about the cat-eat-rat world of Tokyo's backstreets, the cats do the talking! First, Taro, the fourteen-year old leader of the gang, explains how his little band of six wives and an expanding brood of kittens has managed to survive day-in and day-out. Then, when the wily old tom disappears, it's his senior wife, Sumi, who takes up the tale, along with leadership, until a younger male can be found. A fascinating program for animal lovers.

“Fly Kabugo”


翔べ加無号 [YBC]

|Length : 49min. |Year : 1993

Hidetoshi Matsubara has been doing what most of us only dream of: living off the bounty of nature in the mountains. Then, after five years he finds a crested eagle chick that he names "Kabugo". Since no creature is more expressive of the power and freedom of the wild than the eagle, the young man decides to raise the young bird to maturity and teach it to hunt. It is no easy task. The unique bond that develops and the lessons that Matsubara learns make for a unique and moving story.

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