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Documentary : Welfare


Feel the Wind Again – Running to the Dream –


疾風よ再び 義足先生の夢力走 [HTB]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 1998

Aiming for the Paralymics

Koji Araki, a high school physical education teacher, lost the lower part of his right leg in a car accident. But this has not detered him from continuing his active life, which includes running, swimming and skiing. The phrase "fighting spirit" is inscribed on Araki's state-of-the-art artifical leg which was designed by Toshiya Nosaka in cooperation with a sports rehab research group at Sapporo Medical University. Araki is training for the Paralympics and the camera follows him through his training sessions, and zooms in on his relationship with the researchers who share his dream.

The Undaunted Man


めっちゃ!生きてるで パパは無敵の障害者 [CX]

|Length : 46min. |Year : 1999

This documentary is about Mr. Haruyama who is 44 years old and has a serious disease, progressive muscular dystrophy. Although he is paralized from the neck down, he is still active and successful as the president of his own company, Handy Network International, which develops and sells personal aid equipment. This program shows how he accepts his life and lives on, and how his wife Yuko and his two sons support him physically and mentally. It's a story of love and care given by the family members to daddy.

A Song for Life


わが人生に歌あり!盲目のテナー新垣勉 [NTV]

|Length : 53min. |Year : 1999

Blind from birth, Tsutomu Aragaki's early years were long and lonely, and included one suicide attempt. Luckily, a caring family took him in as one of their own. Aragaki went on to become a minister and a skilled singer who brings a message of hope to the younger generation. He sings at schools throughout Japan, embracing audiences with simple yet powerful lyrics that inspire troubled and lonely youth. His songs represent the beauty of forgiveness and the value of living life to the fullest.

A Time for Goodbye – A Guide Dog Retires –


さよならレザン 盲導犬とテノール歌手 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. |Year : 2001

36-year-old tenor Tohru Amano is totally blind. He and his guide dog Rezan have been inseparable since she came into his life five years ago. Tohru travels all over Japan to give concerts. He's even been to Germany for a recording session. Wherever he's been, his guide dog has been with him. Rezan hurt her hind leg about a year ago. It has been decided that she'll retire from her working life as a guide dog in just a few weeks. This program follows Tohru and Rezan for their final two weeks together and shows the strong relationship of trust.

Tackle! Get out in front! – The Challenges of a Mentally Disabled Students’ Rugby Team –


ぶつかれ 前へでろ 知的障害者ラグビーチームの挑戦 [NHK]

|Length : 49min. |Year : 2002

"Tackle! Get out in front!" Even today, principal Fumihiro Hatakeyama's voice echoes over the playing field. "Ryokusei-En", located in Morioka City of Iwate Prefecture, is home to the only rugby team comprised of mentally disabled persons. The students train daily in rugby during their three years in this school, and the results are startling. Over this time, boys who initially feared even falling to the ground show a complete transformation.

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