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Master Craftsmen in High Technology | Masterly Skills | Beyond the Naked Eye |

SERIES Masterly Skills | Super-hands for Super-fast Elevators


技~極める | 超高速エレベーターを支える腕 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2002

The elevators, with the height of 279 meters, ascend to the 69th floor observation deck in 40 seconds. With the increase in the number of super high-rise buildings, manufacturers have indulged in cutthroat competition to develop state-of-the-art technology for safe, comfortable and high-speed elevators. To turn such new technological innovations into a reality, a group of world's top-level experts are applying their skills to the fullest in installing elevators.

SERIES Masterly Skills | Rock Dust Makes Paper Last


技~極める | 千年繊維・泥和紙を漉く 手漉き和紙職人・谷野武信 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2003

Takenobu Tanino is a papermaker with 50 years' experience, living in Najio Village, Western Japan, Hyogo prefecture. The materials he uses for papermaking are the bark of 'Ganpi tree' and the rock dust. Tanino's paper is used for restoration of 'fusuma' Japanese sliding paper doors in Nijo Castle in Kyoto that is registered as a National Treasure. Today Tanino is the only person who can do all the process of this traditional method properly.

SERIES Masterly Skills | Kaleidoscopes Reflect the Universe


技~極める | 宇宙を映す万華鏡 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2003

We remember, in our childhood, we were fascinated with the unexpected beauty we find the moment we looked into the kaleidoscopes. Today, kaleidoscopes are recognized as an art from in many countries, and particularly in the United States, they are often used for medical instruments for healing people. Koji Yamami, a professional kaleidoscope maker, won the Grand Prix at the kaleidoscope convention held in the US in 2001.

SERIES Masterly Skills | The World of Miniature Models


技~極める | 10センチの風景 模型自動車制作 早川松芳 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2003

Matsuyoshi Hayakawa is a professional model builder. Today quite a few people make miniature models for pleasure. There are hundreds of varieties of model car kits sold by European makers. Hayakawa starts with such a kit, but he never uses parts without giving them some adjustment and makes most of the parts by himself to create his original car models. He wants those parts to be more precisely. People are fascinated by his artistic sense of the work.

SERIES Masterly Skills | Dream through the Bird’s-Eye View


技~極める | 鳥の眼で描く街 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2003

Tadashi Ishihara is a bird's-eye view artist, well-known in Japan for his presentation citymaps. His first work, 'World Expo Japan Aerial Map 1970', created a sensation among people. With preparation of thousands of aerial photos and street level shots, he draws almost everything in his maps exactly as it is down to the number of trees, floors and windows of the buildings, the patterns of white-lines in the parking lot.

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