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SERIES Kurama Tengu | Episode 3 : The Stone Throwing Woman


鞍馬天狗 | 第3回 石礫の女 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. |Year : 2008

One night, the Shinsengumi attacks Katsura Kogoro. In order to help him, Kurata transforms into the Kurama Tengu and engages the Shinsengumi in a fight, but he finds himself suddenly under a fierce barrage of stones. The woman throwing the stones is known as Kiyo, and she was raised by bandits from childhood and trained in the art of stone throwing. She had joined the side of the Shinsengumi because of a desire to assist her lover, a member of the special police force. One day, her Shinsengumi lover is killed in a fight that had ensued from an internal conflict. As a result, she intends to commit suicide by the river. That's when Kurata appears.

SERIES Kurama Tengu | Episode 2 : The Nemesis


鞍馬天狗 | 第2回 宿命の敵 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. |Year : 2008

Upon hearing that ten of his men had been cut down by the Kurama Tengu, the leader of the Shinsengumi, Kondo Isami, declares the Kurama Tengu as his nemesis. Meanwhile, Munefusa abandons his noble clan and takes the name Kurata Tenzen. Kurata saves the skin of a pickpocket named Kichibei, who, out of gratitude for saving his life, offers to help Kurata by serving as an informant. One day, Muneyuki, his uncle and the murderer of his father, is killed by a masked warrior. Muneyuki's daughter Shiragiku suspects that the culprit is the Kurama Tengu. She then pursues him in order to take revenge for her father.

SERIES Kurama Tengu | Episode 1 : The Guardian Rises


鞍馬天狗 | 第1回 天狗参上 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. |Year : 2008

Munefusa's father was murdered when he was a young child. And so with young Munefusa in tow, the loyal servant Jindayu sought refuge at Mt. Kurama to engage the child in martial arts training. Twenty years hence, in his dying words, Jindayu reveals to Munefusa that his uncle Muneyuki was behind the murder of his father. Now, after having recently arrived in Kyoto, Munefusa visits Muneyuki and suddenly finds himself saved by his daughter Shiragiku from a murder plot in the night orchestrated by his uncle. Afterwards, Munefusa saves Katsura Kogoro, a leader of a faction opposed to the Tokugawa shogunate who had been pursued by the Shinsengumi special police force in Kyoto. Together with Katsura, Munefusa heads to his father's former villa which is said to be haunted by a masked demon.

SERIES Seven Duels | Seven Duels


柳生十兵衛七番勝負 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. x6 |Year : 2005

Jubei Yagyu, who has been a samurai-errant for the last ten years, is called back to Edo by his father, Tajimanokami Munenori Yagyu, the Inspector General of the shogunate. Shortly before that, a plot to overthrow the shogunate by assailing Shogun Iemitsu on his visit to the Emperor in Kyoto was uncovered. The plot is devised by Kageyu Toda, who was the instructor in the art of the sword to the late Suruga Dainagon Lord Tadanaga, who fought with Iemitsu for the seat of shogun....

Episode 1 : Sword of Darkness
Episode 2 : Sword of Fidelity
Episode 3 : Sword of Shadow
Episode 4 : Sword of Sorrow
Episode 5 : Sword of Evil, Sword of Light
Episode 6 : Sword of Denouement

SERIES Granddad's Here! | Granddad’s Here!


ジイジ ~孫といた夏~ [NHK]

|Length : 43min. x4 |Year : 2005

Sixty two year-old Eikichi Kataoka hadn't seen his only son, the late Kohei, ever since he disowned him twenty years ago. Eikichi had already lost his wife prior to his son's death. Eikichi sold his lumber mill, and one day, without notice, he visits his late-son's family in Tokyo...

Episode 1: I'll be your burden
Episode 2: I don't want to be alone
Episode 3: Give me a place to be with you
Episode 4: I want to be with you all

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