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SERIES The Unsung Experts of Japan | The Old Man and the Bees – Natural Honey from the Japan Alps –


ワザあり!にっぽん | 南アルプス天然はちみつ 秘伝の古代養蜂 [CTV]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1995

Japanese beekeeping goes back over a millennium, but there are fewer and fewer farmers who are willing to use the technique since western honeybees are regarded as more productive and easier to tend. 84-year-old Yoichiro Uchikura, however, is an exception. Gentle and self-effacing, Yoichiro has been producing honey in his remote village high in the Japan Alps for more than 60 years - a good man who truly lives in harmony with Nature. This is a story with a message.

SERIES The Unsung Experts of Japan | Japan Blue – The Art of Indigo Dyeing –


ワザあり!にっぽん | 藍玉を育てる 体にやさしい天然藍染め [CTV]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1995

"Japan blue" is a rich indigo blue dye that has been produced by dedicated craftsmen for centuries. Yoshino Chiba is one of those traditional artisans, who, at 85, has devoted more than 60 years to the craft. This fascinating documentary shows the whole process from production of the "indigo balls" to the final dyeing. We also meet other dedicated craftsmen such as Yoshino's daughter-in-law Matsue and pattern engraver Chuji Miura who help keep this ancient art alive.

SERIES The Unsung Experts of Japan | The Sumo Tokoyama – The Art of Hairdressing for Wrestlers –


ワザあり!にっぽん | 大相撲の美・髷を結う 床山・大銀杏に賭けた30年 [CTV]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1994

Japan's national sport, sumo, has attracted much international interest. Part of its appeal are its esoteric customs including the wrestlers' traditional topknots, of which there are several styles dating back centuries. The men who do the sumo wrestler's hair are called "tokoyama". This program features Mitsuo Sato who works at one of the sport's most prestigious stables; it is a stimulating look at a traditional art that requires much skill and experience.

SERIES The Unsung Experts of Japan | The Man in Black – The Hidden Face in Kabuki –


ワザあり!にっぽん | 宙乗り!早替り!猿之助歌舞伎『八犬伝』 黒子・市川寿猿の世界 [CTV]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1994

For many, "kabuki" is the soul of Japanese tradition. But there is a lot that goes on behind the colorful spectacle that most people do not know about. This rare glimpse of "kabuki" backstage follows Juen Ichikawa, a "kabuki" actor and "kuroko" or stagehand as he plans, organizes, and manages the theatrical details of a performance by "kabuki" superstar Ennosuke Ichikawa. A very modern Japanese man who even does the housework at home, Juen is a miracle-worker in black in the theater.

SERIES The Unsung Experts of Japan | Mizuhiki – The Art of Decorative Cords –


ワザあり!にっぽん | 祝いを結ぶ 水引細工・津田剛八郎 千枝 [CTV]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1994

Traditionally, money or gifts are presented wrapped in special hand-made paper bound with decorative strings tied in a stylized knot. These strings are made from coated paper called "mizuhiki", with different colors for different occasions. Nowadays, most "mizuhiki" are made by machines, but there are still a few craftsmen, like Ume Tsuda and her daughter Chie and son-in-law Gohachiro who work together to make creatively designed "mizuhiki" with traditional techniques.

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