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Production Year 1995

SERIES Vanishing Point | Vanishing Point


ゼロの焦点 [NHK]

|Length : 45min. x4 |Year : 1995

All newly-weds tend to be a little nervous. The very intimacy of marriage can make them wonder how much they really know their partner! Yet, sometimes this predictable and rather natural form of conjugal paranoia, turns out to be quite justified. In the case of Teiko Uhara, for example, the honeymoon is over all too soon! First her new husband Kenichi suddenly and unaccountably disappears. Then, to make things worse, someone murders Kenichi's brother Sotaro along with a mysterious woman named Hisako. It is one thing after another as the cloud of mystery thickens and the suspense amounts. Hisako's equally mysterious lover jumps off a cliff to his death; the police enter the picture; a manhunt begins. Is Teiko in danger ? And how much does she really want to know the truth ?
This is a riveting drama that you won't want to miss.

Episode 1: The Heavenly North
Episode 2: A Distant Farewell
Episode 3: The Forces of Time
Episode 4: The Watery Grave

SERIES Science Club | Science Club


サイエンスクラブ [EX]

|Length : 15min. x15 |Year : 1995

"Science Club" is a series of programs offering scientific insights into a wide rangeof natural phenomena ranging from everyday events to biology, physics and even technology.

[1. The Mysterious World of Ants]
How do ants use scent-pheromones to navigate their ways between food sources and their nests? Observe different species of ants, and the behavior of ants of different social classes.

[2. The Life and Secret of the Honeybee]
Nature's busiest insects have their sophisticated social hierarchy and systems of communication. How bees communicate with each other ,and what determines a queen bee are illustrated.

[3. How Are Seeds Made?]
Plants reproduce endlessly in different ways. Some need the help of insects to pollinate while others are able to perform what is called self-pollination.

[4. The Mystery of the Egg]
Not all eggs round and white! The bitter ling lays eggs inside a mussel for safe keeping. the egg of the horn shark is like a cork-screw.

[5. How are Nests Built?]
Home-building practices of creatures diverse as various as spiders and crows.hoe do spiders know when something has caught in their web? Why cannot ants escape from traps doodlebugs?

[6. The Way Living Organisms Communicate]
How do creatures communicate with each other? "The Secret behind behavior of those creatures is revealed,such as citing the color butterflies and the sing of cicadas.

[7. The Select of Flying Animals]
The birld's flight mechanism is explained, through the V Formation of birds of passage and a flight training of a goshawk family.

[8. The Strategy of Plants for Breeding]
How do plants breed? The oriental orchid ejects a pheromone to attract honey bees. The strategy of plants is shown on both entomophilous flowers and wind-pollinating flowers.

[9. The Art of Self-Defense of Creatures that Live in Water]
Watch the way of self-protection and mechanism of creatures in the sea, citing the protective coloring of octopus or the sea slug that ejects its internal organ to their enemies.

[10. Creatures Well-Adapted to the Environment]
How do creatures adapt to a severe environment? Watch the mechanism of carnivorous plants, the moisture of cacti, the copulation of snails that are unisex animals.

[11. Across the Oceans! - How Ships are Designed to Overcome Waves -]
Observe the contrivance for safety sail and various devices of ships; the large steel boat, the deep sea research vessel, the icebreaker in the Antarctica.

[12. All About Super Express Trains]
Watch the various types of "Bullet Trains" and the secret behind their shapes that makes high-speed transportation possible.

[13. How Does an Airplane Fly? - The Collaboration of Air and Airfoil -]
Reveal the secret of the invisible force to fly, that makes a big and heavy jet aircraft fly, and that keeps a glider in the sky during so much long time.

[14. The Super Bridge - Designed for Sturdiness -]
Watch three types of bridge; the triangular truss bridge, the curved arch bridge, and the suspension bridge with strong cable; their structure and mechanism which enables construction of a giant bridge.

[15.Large Buildings - The Technologies Used to Build Them -]
Giant towers, skyscrapers, and big domes, taking a look at their characteristic structures with construction scenes, are large-scale buildings without limitation possible?

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