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Production Year 1999

SERIES Special Lessons | The Secret of Delicious Cooking


課外授業 ようこそ先輩 | うまさの秘密はおもいやり [NHK]

|Length : 42min. |Year : 1999

Mr. Kenichi Chen is a famous chef of Chinese cuisine, who has pursued original tastes using the traditional Sichuan cuisine as a basis.
He provides a cooking lesson, teaching the children how to prepare shrimp in chili sauce. They experience the joys of cooking and eating together from the same dish, sharing with others. Mr. Chen holds strong beliefs that this brings out a new sense of the deliciousness of food, resulting in closer ties between everyone.

SERIES Special Lessons | Microorganisms, Macro Power!


課外授業 ようこそ先輩 | 微生物は超能力者だ [NHK]

|Length : 42min. |Year : 1999

Prof. Takeo Koizumi is a Japan's pre-eminent fermentologist. Prof. Koizumi encourages the children to overcome any initial revulsion and enjoy the wonders of the fermentation process, explaining that microorganisms are responsible for this and such traditional Japanese delicacies as kusaya (smelly fish) and fermented mackerel. Together, he and the children make natto (fermented soy beans), yogurt, and ama-zake (a form of sweet sake). Ultimately, they ponder new ways in which microorganisms may serve people in the future.

SERIES Special Lessons | The Roundworm Doctor’s Parasites Are Our Friends


課外授業 ようこそ先輩 | カイチュウ博士の寄生虫はおともだち!? [NHK]

|Length : 42min. |Year : 1999

Prof. Koichiro Fujita is known for his unique way of describing the ecology of parasites. He takes specimens of parasites into the classroom, and teaches in an easy fashion by relating his own humorous experiences. The children get all excited when they experiment dissecting mackerel and find Anisakis in the fish's internal organs. Prof. Fujita pointedly maintains that a fixation on cleanliness through the excessive prejudical elimination of parasites has resulted in the spread of modern diseases such as atopy.

SERIES Special Lessons | Exploring Fascinating Sounds of Gagaku


課外授業 ようこそ先輩 | 不思議な音色 雅楽に挑戦! [NHK]

|Length : 42min. |Year : 1999

Exploring Fascinating Sounds of "Gagaku" Mr. Hideki Togi is an artist who inherited the tradition of "Gagaku", the ancient court music of Japan, and who has ushered in a new phase in the world of music with his fusion of "Gagaku" and synthesizer. He introduces the tone colors of "Gagaku"'s characteristic musical instruments, and explains that "Gagaku" is originated from ancient people's views of nature and the cosmos. The children try to express through improvisation the sounds they have felt.

SERIES Special Lessons | Light Has Arrived at the School


課外授業 ようこそ先輩 | 光が学校へやってきた [NHK]

|Length : 42min. |Year : 1999

The illumination designer, Ms. Motoko Ishii was in charge of lighting up such characteristic Japanese edifices as Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Station.
The children set out to light up commonplace areas, being divided into four teams. A unique performance - "The Sound of Water and the Lion God" for the pond, "Youth and Passion" for the gymnasium, "Devastated Library" for the library and "The Toilet where the Spirits Reside" for the toilet - is presented by the children.

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