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Production Year 2018

SERIES Story Land | The One-inch Boy 


いっすんぼうし [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2018

Though hardly more than an inch high, Little-One Inch has the brave heart of a great warrior. Using a needle as a sword, he vanquishes a horrible ogre and protects a princess. He wins a magic mallet that transforms him into a fine, full-sized young man. He and the princess marry and they live happy and prosperous lives ever after.

SERIES Story Land | Tongue-Cut Sparrow


したきりすずめ [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2018

A kind-hearted old man takes loving care of a sparrow he’s found. But his wife, angered that the bird ate her laundry paste, cuts her tongue and chases her away. The worried old man goes out to find the sparrow and is treated to dinner and given a hamper full of precious treasure. Wanting a large hamper of treasure herself, the greedy old woman visits the bird too, but…

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