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JAMCO Online International Symposium

22nd JAMCO Online International Symposium

March to December, 2014

The Internet and TV Stations in the Asia-Pacific Region

Readers' Feedback (4)

Kazuko Suzuki

I thought the speech by Ms. Yamashita of Daito Bunka University was indeed, to the point.My family consists of husband and wife in their forties and two teenagers. However, the only people who sits in front of the television are the parents, and the children use their mobile phones to watch television programs or sometimes movies. (Once in a while, I worry if they are watching programs that are illegally uploaded.) The children say that they are unsatisfied with the size of the mobile phone’s screen, which is too small for them to watch programs, but they love the part where they can watch any programs at any time. They especially love that they can skip the unnecessary commercials.
One day, when the children saw me renting a DVD from a store, they recommended to use the Internet to watch that program. From that day on, I am following their advice.
I believe that the way my children use the Internet is becoming common in Asian countries. Maybe the only people who sits on the sofa and watch the television all day long are the old-fashioned Japanese people. For me, who had just started watching programs on the Internet, the speed of progress is really astonishing.

Kazuko Suzuki

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