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March 20, 2014 The 22nd JAMCO Online Symposium “The Internet and TV Stations in the Asia-Pacific Region” began.
April 11, 2013 Page updated.
March 29, 2013 JAMCO became a General Incorporated Association.
March 14, 2013 The 21st JAMCO Online Symposium “Tsunami Response Systems and the Role of Asia’s Broadcasters” began.

From JAMCO Office

The Japan Media Communication Center (JAMCO) became a general incorporated foundation effective March 29, 2013, in accordance with changes in relevant laws and regulations.
A general incorporated foundation pays a specific amount of tax, but the change in the status is expected to strengthen the autonomy and independence of JAMCO’s activities. A general incorporated foundation is allowed to engage in for-profit businesses, but JAMCO has no plans to become involved in such businesses, continuing instead to focus its efforts on the following public projects it has been carrying out to date.

JAMCO will provide, or support plans to provide, the international editions of Japanese television programs to developing countries free of charge.
For this purpose, JAMCO will produce the international editions of television programs submitted by broadcast stations from across the country.
JAMCO will organize international symposiums on worldwide exchange of television programs and other activities and will conduct surveys of television programs overseas.

On the occasion of this shift in status to a general incorporated foundation, JAMCO, in line with law, mapped out financial plans through 2039 and also solidified its financial base. In the future, JAMCO plans to pursue autonomous management of the foundation and try to promote more active and more stable development of “the international exchange of television programs.”

With generous cooperation and support from all of you in and outside Japan, we at JAMCO hope to strengthen our relations with television stations in developing nations. (Akira Murakami)

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