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March 31, 2021 The 29th JAMCO Online International Symposium “The Role and Potential of Broadcasting and New Media for Supporting Education During the Coronavirus Pandemic” was completed .
April 24, 2020 JAMCO made 28 new programs in fiscal year 2019
April 24, 2020 JAMCO offered 160 programs in fiscal year 2019

From JAMCO Office

JAMCO international programs broadcasted in areas such as Asia and Middle East

Since the establishment in 1991, JAMCO has been providing international versions of Japanese TV programs altered into different languages such as English, to TV broadcasters in developing countries free of charge.

the exterior of RTA

In FY2016, JAMCO has provided nearly 100 Japanese TV programs, such as “What and Why” (NHK, education), “Only One Earth” (NHK, documentary) and “A Brilliant Flash of Summer” (NTV, documentary) to governmental broadcaster RTA in Afghanistan, a country with many disputes. These programs have been translated to Pashto and Dari, then broadcasted in Afghanistan. RTA’s staff members and office have suffered from massive explosions by terrorists. However, RTA is still willing to receive TV programs from Japan in FY2017, and the translation process has already started in Afghanistan.

the program provided by JAMCO on the screen

The exterior of TVK

To the governmental broadcaster TVK in Cambodia, a country in the middle of recovery from damage due to former civil war, JAMCO has provided “Pythagora Switch” (NHK, education) and “A Passionate Challenger” (MBS, documentary) in FY2016. These programs have been translated to Khmer and broadcasted in Cambodia.

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