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JAMCO Online International Symposium

31st JAMCO Online International Symposium

February 2023 -March 2023

Thinking about the Meaning of Life in a Time of Global Crises

Readers’ Feedback (2)

Masahiko Aoyama
Professor, Seijo University

This study makes effective use of dialogue-based autoethnography to describe how the Japanese school system was experienced by a Syrian refugee living in Japanese society and the difficulties encountered. The somewhat confusing element arises from the analytical division of X’s experiences into eight periods with no mention of the considerable overlaps, which need some time to grasp. A simple statement to this effect could usefully be added to the text. I suspect these overlapping periods imply the existence of not only of situations in which arrangements were found to help X realize her abilities but also those in which arrangements had the opposite effect. Accordingly, rather than looking inside X for X’s potential, it is instead possible to seek to understand the arrangements in terms of actor-network theory and consider, on that basis, which arrangements can help. This may be this paper’s great strength.

Masahiko Aoyama

Professor, Seijo University

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