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JAMCO Online International Symposium

17th JAMCO Online International Symposium

February 1 to February 29, 2008

Trans-border TV Broadcastings of Non-English-speaking Countries


Cao Ri
Vice-Controller, China Central Television International, Beijing

CCTV International (CCTV-9) is the English language 24-hour news channel of China Central Television. Launched on September 25, 2000, CCTV International is dedicated to reporting news and information to its global audience, with a special focus on China.

CCTV International covers the whole globe via six satellites. Its programs can now be seen by 2.5 million subscribers outside China.

English is the most widely used international tongue. As the one and only English-language news channel in the country, CCTV International is playing an increasingly significant role as a window on China as well as the rest of the world, bringing the latest happenings to a viewership across the globe.

1. A News Show for Foreigners Living in China

Dec. 30, 1986, Mr. Ai Zhisheng(艾知生), then Minister of Radio, Film, and TV of China, delivered an English greeting to viewers as CCTV debuted its program “English News”. The 25-minute show on domestic and international current affairs was CCTV’s first ever program aimed at foreign audiences.

  • a.More Foreigners in China Following Opening up
    As China’s reform and opening up program entered a new phase in the late 1980s, more and more foreigners came to China, which led to CCTV’s decision to launch its “English News”, an informative show for foreign diplomats, business people, specialists, students, and tourists in China.
    Starting May 1992, “English News”, already a major show of the national broadcaster, became available on CCTV-4, in addition to CCTV-2.

  • b.Fast-Growing TV Industry Paving the Way for More English Programming from CCTV As China’s TV industry grew by leaps and bounds, “English News” saw impressive development. July 1989, the show became available daily; July 1991, the show was expanded, as 15 other English-language programs were created, including “Investing in China”, “China Today”, and “Center Stage”.

2. Embarking on the Journey Going Global

From a half-hour show to an array of more than a dozen programs, it took CCTV less than a decade to develop a diverse resource of English-language programming that was regularly available. However, without an independent channel and distinct identification, CCTV found itself at a disadvantage in building a global presence in English. The launch of its English-language service was put on the agenda of the broadcaster. As test-runs for an independent channel, CCTV first operated the projects of “C-Feed” and “English Transmission”.

  • a.The World Impressed by CCTV’s “C-Feed” for World Women’s Congress
    Nov. 1995, the World Women’s Congress was held in Beijing. During the two-week event, CCTV set up the “C-Feed”, a temporary channel that provided 15 hours of English-language programming daily to participants from the world over. “C-Feed” won high praises from foreign media organizations as well as delegations. The success of the project displayed CCTV’s capability in the production of English-language programming.

  • b.CCTV Going Global on Satellite Channel
    But it’s not until the middle of 1996 that CCTV had began the preparations for the launch of its English channel in earnest. During Hong Kong’s Return in July 1997, CCTV’s Overseas Service successfully produced 41 hours of live feed covering the monumental event. Sept. 20, 1997, CCTV launched its “English Transmission”, a service offering 17 hours of news, talk show, documentaries each and every day. That laid a solid foundation for the debut of English-language channel.

3. Launch of CCTV International (CCTV-9)

Sept. 25, 2000, CCTV International officially went into operation, as the first ever non-Chinese service in China’s TV sector. Offering programming with English audio or subtitle, the channel allows the whole world to have a first-hand understanding of China. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, CCTV International makes available programming including news, documentaries, as well as culture and entertainment contents, offering the world audience a window on China.

Over the following years, CCTV International has never stopped in building its global presence. Through a series of re-launches, the channel has adopted international practices in its promotion, production design, and market operation, while improving the quality of its programming.

  • a.”Introducing China to the World”: China’s Thriving Economy has Prepared the Launch of CCTV International
    Recent years have seen China playing an increasingly significant role on the world stage, as the international community is impressed by its fast-growing economy. As the world develops a strong interest in what’s happening in China, CCTV International has received fast-growing attention and seen its influence reaching farther and wider.
    Ever since its establishment, CCTV International has made it the ultimate mission to promote the time-honored Chinese civilization, introduce China’s contemporary achievements, and pronounce China’s principles and stance on major international issues. Hence its slogan of “Your Window on China” when CCTV International was first launched. In its coverage of issues about China, CCTV International boasts a strong advantage. Its thorough, informative programming on current affairs in China is bound to meet the world’s audience’s increasing interest in the country. Through its coverage of major events like China’s Entry into the WTO, Beijing’s Bidding for the Olympics, and Shanghai’s Bidding for the World Expo, CCTV International has became an authoritative voice on China’s current affairs, with its timely, objective, unbiased contents. Since its launch, CCTV International has become a major source of information on China for mainstream audiences in the rest of the world. CCTV-9’s live coverage of the latest happening in China has created a far-reaching influence around the globe.

  • b.From “Your Window on China” to “Your Window on China and the World”
    May 3, 2004, CCTV International staged a comprehensive re-launch, updating its mission statement from “Your Window on China” to the more ambitious “Your Window on China and the World”. In compliance with the significant shift in its guideline, CCTV International puts even greater emphasis on its news contents, expanding its coverage of the world affairs. Positioning itself as a global news channel, CCTV International has made a point of stating China’s stances on major international issues and providing a timely, accurate, objective, thorough, and unbiased Chinese perspective on the world affairs.

  • c.A Reputation Built Through Coverage of World’s Major Events
    Over the years, CCTV International has built a solid reputation through its timely live coverage of the world’s latest happenings. Whenever a major news event takes place in China, the world media is bound to turn to CCTV International. Such renowned organizations like CNN and C-SPAN regularly transmit CCTV International’s signals on major events in China. CCTV International has won praises and respects from its colleagues the world over. Following the Iraqi War in 2003, the Britain website Times Online published an article by William Rees Mogg on March 24, which, after an analysis of the coverage of the war by eight global news services including CNN, CNBC, FOX, CBC, BBC, ITV, and CCTV International, considered CCTV International as the best. May 29, 2003, at the invitation of CNN, CCTV International took part in the satellite live coverage of the American broadcaster’s meeting on SARS. Ms. Nicholas, a prestigious producer from CNN, spoke highly of the quality of CCTV International’s transmission. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, which covered 114 countries, CCTV International was available in 78 countries, while Japan’s NHK World could reach only 12 countries. Now CCTV International has become an influential international brandname of China, covering the whole globe via six satellites. Its programs can be seen by 2.5 million subscribers outside China.

4. A Variety of Colorful Programs.

Since May 2004, CCTV International has been increasing its coverage of world events. News, in-depth reports, expert analysis and features provide greater diversity in the global informational flow. CCTV International emphasizes a Chinese perspective while striving to bring a more balanced picture of the world.

CCTV’s team of professionals from all over the world is working together to create a truly international channel.

Throughout the day, CCTV NEWS 《綜合新聞》 updates viewers on major events taking place around the world with an emphasis the events happening in China. Apart from being a bulletin of the latest world news, CCTV News is the prime source of information on the world’s most dynamic economy. CCTV International reports cover China with timely, accurate and objective reports. CCTV News provides a first hand look at the news shaping china and the world.

DIALOGUE 《今日話題》 is one of the most acclaimed and influential programs on CCTV International. This 30-minute current affairs news magazine is an authoritative talk show designed to inform and educate viewers worldwide and influence decision makers in governments, business and academia.

Dialogue provides fair and comprehensive analysis of current affairs within the framework of cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary comparisons. Chinese and foreign guests openly express their opinions on issues making headlines in China and around the world. Through frank discussions, and sometimes heated debates, viewers are encouraged to reach their own conclusions.

The knowledge, expertise, insight and candor of dialogue’s guests are significant component of the program. A sample of our guests include former US Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton; former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali, the President of Yale University, Richard Levin; and world renowned Chinese film maker Chen Kaige. The intelligence, sharp wit and depth of our anchors makeup the other indispensable elements of Dialogue. Our anchors are always willing and ready to ask the tough questions that are on the minds of our viewers.

WORLD WIDE WATCH 《》 is a 30-minute program dedicated to reporting major international news and events. It is a daily roundup of world news with a Chinese perspective. Intended to give the viewers a balanced picture of today’s world, World Wide Watch is compiled from the rich resources of CCTV and other international agencies such as Reuters, AP and AVN.

Twice a day, World Wide Watch not only covers major world events and issues, but also provides in-depth reports, background stories and expert analysis. In addition, the program gives extensive coverage on what’s happening in the developing world. World Wide Watch is CCTV International’s another effort to add yet another source of information to the international information flow.

WORLD INSIGHT 《今日世界》 is your first choice for in-depth stories about an emerging China and a constantly changing world. Featuring analysis from leading scholars, World Insight brings you the stories behind the news. Focusing on major global events and Chinese foreign affairs, World Insight is an indispensable tool for people who are serious about China. Aimed at policy makers, business people and academics inside and outside China, World Insight informs the audience from a Chinese point of view. For timely, thoughtful and provocative analysis of international affairs, World Insight is a must watch program for the intelligent viewer.

BIZ CHINA 《財経中国》 replaced Financial Report and has become CCTV International’s flagship business news program. Broadcast live from Beijing, Biz China delivers news, opinions and analysis six times a day, everyday. Biz China is made up of three significant components. First, up-to-date domestic and international financial and corporate news. Second, Biz china exclusive interviews featuring the insights, opinions, and forecasts of business insiders on the state of the economy, business trends, and industry analysis. And finally, our Market Analysts provide a recap on the activities taking place in the financial markets around the world.

If you want to witness China’s dramatic economic growth first hand, understand China’s business and industrial policies, and keep your finger firmly on the pulse of business trends in this dynamic environment, watch Biz China.

ASIA TODAY 《今日並洲》 debuted on CCTV International on May 3, 2004. This 30-minute program airs three times a day and aims to keep viewers updated on news concerning Asia. Asia Today presents a comprehensive look at important issues on the continent in a manner that is objective and reflective of all perspectives. Information is useless without understanding, and understanding is what Asia Today provides. Joined by our CCTV correspondents based around the world, we report on Asia from the perspective of Asians.

CHINA THIS WEEK 《本周回願》 is a magazine show that offers an insightful summary on the stories of the past seven days. As part of CCTV International’s re-launch in May 3, 2004, China This Week has been given a fresh look with new content and a new format. Among the additions within the program is “Voices This Week; where viewers can listen to the headliners behind the headlines discussing issues relating to the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. That’s not all. “People This Week” features top figures from the world of politics, sports, business and entertainment. China This week’s focus remains “Top Story This Week” complimented by “In Brief This Week”. These two segments give the viewer a chance to catch up on all the essential China events the viewer may have missed during the week. And finally, with an eye on the future, experts offer their opinions on the issues that will shape the news of tomorrow.

The new and improved CULTURE EXPRESS 《》 is dedicated to giving viewers updated reports on Chinese cultural news and events. Each of the seven segments deals with a particular aspect of Chinese culture. “24/7” is a roundup review of the latest cultural NEWS; “Chopsticks” takes the viewer on a culinary odyssey around the country in search of Chinese DELICACIES; “The List” takes a look at the lives of outstanding PEOPLE in the arts; “China Cool” is the biggest attraction of our weekend programs and provides a stage to showcase Chinese traditional art forms and ethnic culture; and two newly established segments, “Spotlight” and “Celebrity Interview”, add a new star-studded dimension to the program. In addition to being a melting port of the traditional and the modern, as well as a bridge between the East and the West, Culture Express is also a trend-setter.

UP-CLOSE 《人物聚焦》 presents an entertaining yet thought provoking look into the lives of the extraordinary people you want to know as we march into the 21st century. Every Sunday, this 45-minute program features intimate conversations with distinguished guests. Up-Close focuses on their remarkable life stories, challenges, passions, failures and triumphs. These prominent guest are influential politicians, bold entrepreneurs, compassionate philanthropists, enlightened educators and glamorous celebrities. Regardless of age and nationality, whether male or female, all Up-Close guest share one common quality-they all have an inspirational and unforgettable story to share.

The format and production scale of Up-Close is unparalleled at CCTV International. Up-Close is the only program at CCTV International to incorporate a live studio audience. Studio audience members are active contributors to the program through their interactions with the guest and host of Up-Close. REDISCOVERING CHINA 《外国人看中国》 first aired seven years ago and covers topics such as Chinese history, culture and the everyday life of Chinese people. The main attraction of this show lies in the fact that China is seen from the perspective of a foreigner. Out hosts com to China from countries around the world and bring with them a diverse background bounded by love for China. In the last two years, Rediscovering China programs have received many awards.

AROUND CHINA 《中国各地》 is a television magazine program jointly produced by CCTV International and local TV stations across China. Around China introduces the people, culture and economic development of various regions and ethnic minority groups of China to the world. Around China offers viewers glimpses of the beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage of China, as well as the ever-changing lifestyle of the Chinese people in the new century.

CENTER STAGE 《》 is a 3-minute entertainment program that broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday on CCTV International. Center Stage regards its target audience as art aficionados of the world and performing arts fans at home in China. The content of Center Stage is composed of a wide-range of performing arts, including Chinese folk songs, dance, opera, popular music, and the latest trends in the performing arts scene in China. Through years of research and experience, the team at Center stage has made successive changes to the program. The result is a unique style that combines visual appeal with informative content presented by hosts with rich personal understandings of the Chinese culture. Consequently, Center Stage has been an exceptionally popular program since 1995.

TRAVELOGUE 《旅游指南》 is a 30-minute travel show that brings incredible travel adventures to viewers at home in China and abroad. On each edition of Travelogue, acting as both tour guide and traveler, the hosts draw on their intimate knowledge of China to reveal the country’s enduring attractions. They go a long way to bring China’s people and places closer to you. By far, Travelogue is the only English television travel show in China.

Shown daily on CCTV International, DOCUMENTARY 《》 is a 30-minute program that showcases the very best of Chinese documentaries. These documentaries provide a faithful record of the extraordinary undertakings by the Chinese people as they enter the contemporary era, with an emphasis on the period of reform that began in the late 1970s. presenting true stories of the lives, feelings and ambitions of the Chinese people, Documentary consistently reveals the human values behind the stories which are readily accessible and comprehensible to viewers from other cultures. Containing both individual and serial programs, documentary strives to select the finest documentaries on purely cinematic criteria: good storytelling, visual quality and professional production standards. While enabling the audience to appreciate the aesthetics of the documentary as an art form, Documentary is also a cultural experience that encourages viewers to ponder about the real stories taking place in China everyday.

CHINESE CIVILIZATION 《》 is a vivid presentation of the highlights of Chinese culture throughout her 5,000-year history. It brings to life the historical celebrities, historical sites, folk arts, literature, education, science and technology of mankind’s most enduring civilization. Chinese Civilization is an informative window on the nation aimed at overseas audiences. Short, though comprehensive in scope, each episode of Chinese Civilization is a finely made mini-documentary, offering audience a unique visual feast as well as information on almost all aspects of China’s cultural history in an accessible way. Chinese Civilization is a five-minute program shown every weekday on CCTV International.

LEARN TO SPEAK CHINESE 《》, a 15-minute program on CCTV International, is China’s only language teaching series broadcast worldwide. Starting from the early 90’s, seven series of Learn to Speak Chinese have been made, including Hello Beijing; International Business Chinese; Chinese 400; Kindergarten Chinese; After School Chinese and Communicate Chinese. These programs not only aroused great interest among viewers to learn Chinese, but also popularize knowledge about the Chinese economy, culture, and tourism. Learn to Speak Chinese continues to playing an active role in helping the world learn more about China.

Finally, broadcast four times a day, five days a week, NATURE & SCIENCE 《自然与科学》 covers a wide array of subjects ranging from environmental protection, wild creatures, geology, biology, chemistry, medical science, to various modern technologies. These 25-minute programs are generally made up of closely related segments with individually tell a story but together solves a mystery. Nature & Science approaches serious topics in a casual and relaxed manner. This program aims to educate the audience on scientific knowledge while providing entertaining programming.

Cao Ri

Vice-Controller, China Central Television International, Beijing

EDUCATION: 2003-2004: University of Bristol, UK Specialty: Television Studies Research Aspect: Reality TV Degree: Master in Arts 1995-1998: Beijing Broadcasting Institute Specialty: Journalism Research Aspect: News Gathering and Reporting In English Degree: Master Degree in Journalism 1984-1989: Beijing Broadcasting Institute Specialty: International Journalism Research Aspect: TV News Writing and Editing In English Degree: Bachelor Degree in Journalism WORK EXPERIENCE: 2007-Present: Vice-Controller, CCTV International 2004-2007:Producer and News Anchor CCTV International 2000-2004: News Anchor and Reporter CCTV International 1989.9-2000: News Anchor and Reporter English News, Overseas Service China Central Television

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