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JAMCO Online International Symposium

19th JAMCO Online International Symposium

February 1 to February 28, 2010

International Exchange in TV Drama Productions

On Readers' Feedback(1)

Chizuko Muranaka Broinowski
Journalist, writer & director with Integral Media

I would like to thank Mr. Mafumi Murase for the very thought-provoking and valuable information on the current state of affairs in the European Union (EU).
EU’s policy on protecting television and motion picture productions as cultural property including their own respective languages and at the same time aiming to produce economic effect through reinforced regulation of production and distribution is in stark contrast to that of the United States. The US government basically allows television and film production and distribution as commercial enterprises. In terms of production, the extent of government protection is limited to preferential tax programs by certain states and municipalities such as New York City, aimed in order to attract production activities in their respective locations. Although television and film creators and producers welcome partial assistance in production costs from private cultural support organizations. Americans have by nature a dislike toward “financial assistance with strings” provided by the government. In terms of production, the consensus in the US broadcasting industry is that creative activity should take place without restrictions and that government regulation should be kept to a minimum, to programs aired on terrestrial wave broadcasting, which is a government-licensed operation.
I believe that the fundamental difference between the 2 models lie on whether or not the media content production and distribution companies will accept government assistance in promoting production and distribution. In Japan, I feel it is important that the relevant parties recognize clearly what their relationship with the government should be and to engage in further deliberations on the issue.

Chizuko Muranaka Broinowski

Journalist, writer & director with Integral Media

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