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JAMCO Online International Symposium

22nd JAMCO Online International Symposium

March to December, 2014

The Internet and TV Stations in the Asia-Pacific Region

Readers' Feedback (1)

Kun Zhao

Hello. I am an exchange student from China.
I read the Online International Symposium. As it is said in the Symposium, growing rate of Internet access nowadays has brought new possibilities to the television broadcasting world. Also, the situation that Southeast Asia is in, which was presented in the Symposium, was very interesting to me, comparing it to the experience I had living in Japan and China. The introduction of IPTV due to the development of Internet Media is one of the topics that should be focused on further on. I believe that IPTV would become more and more popular.

Another issue comes up, when seeing this problem from the technological innovation of China and the lifestyle of modern Chinese people. It is the fact that besides IPTV, the number of portal websites in China is increasing dramatically. The reason for this increase is the spread of Smartphones and wireless environments, as well as the fact that portal websites are cheap or even free for people to use. For example, contents of programs can be offered through portal websites such as,, Not only that, applications for Smartphones offered to the viewers are being accepted rapidly. This is why, in China, considering that Smartphones are popularly used, the problem of how IPTV would expand will be the center of the attention.

Kun Zhao


Nationality : China

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