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JAMCO Online International Symposium

22nd JAMCO Online International Symposium

March to December, 2014

The Internet and TV Stations in the Asia-Pacific Region

Readers' Feedback (2)

Tomoko Kurabayashi

It is interesting that there are several points in common among Japan and other Asian countries, such as the fact that many people access the Internet through mobile devices, the length of spending time on the Internet is getting longer, the situation of TV production companies and the viewers’ needs for TV programs. I thought even if we live in different countries, what we want is the similar. On the other hand, I felt economic disparities through the situation of inadequate infrastructure and digital divide. It may take long time to solve these problems, but, we, Japan, and other developed countries can help them to overcome these difficulties. I would like more and more people to watch Japanese interesting TV programs.

By watching the cases in Malaysia and Sri Lanka, I thought it is very clear/easy to access which programs/channels to watch because they are divided in different languages. Also, it is very good that they can save and learn their local languages/cultures by having local language programs. I found it interesting to see the governments’ speculations that some governments imposing additional costs to broadcast oversea programs or some observing the contents. One of the points that Japan can learn from other countries is that Thailand has more English programs than Japan even though their official language is not English. Japan should make such programs more.

Finally, I like the phrase “TV anytime” and “TV anywhere” because it is the perfect line telling the TV in the future. Although there are problems of copyrights and reproducing, I think it is a big chance for Japanese programs to be watched more, having the increase of people viewing TV on the Internet. I feel frustrated that it is said “Japan is behind in exportation of its contents”, so I want Japanese TVs to fight against other rivals of around the world more and more, and I want to help it in some ways.

Tomoko Kurabayashi

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