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Miyuki - Part I / Part II - |

The Barber of a Snow Country – The Time She’s Spent in Hachirogata, Akita Prefecture –


雪国の出張床屋さん 秋田県八郎潟町の歳月 [NHK]

|Length : 44min. |Year : 1992

Suino Ishikawa, aged 66, is the owner of the only barber shop in Hachirogata, Akita prefecture. She manages the shop all by herself, and when she doesn't have any customers, she wraps all of her tools in a bundle to visit the elderly who are unable to come to her place because of illness or the cold weather. Through her everyday experiences, the program portrays the lives and thoughts of older people in the village of northern Japan.

Welcome Home, Mom and Dad!


今年も帰ってきたよ! [RKK]

|Length : 12min. |Year : 1992

In the town of Kuratake, the children of fishing families live at a dormitory while their parents are away at sea.
"Welcome Home, Mom and Dad" looks at three of those children, the Ikeda sisters. The girls are only able to see their parents part of the year - and one of those time is the New Year's holidays. The documentary conveys the girls' impatience as they wait for their parents to return, and their joy at finally being able to welcome mom and dad home.

SERIES Miyuki - Part I / Part II - | Miyuki – Part I / Part II –


大草原の少女みゆきちゃん 知床 '90編 [HBC]

|Length : 60min. x2 |Year : 1991

This documentary follows the daily life of the family of a little girl, Miyuki, living in a solitary village near the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido. Her father, Toshiharu Kudo, is raising 90 beef cattle at his stock farm of 500 hectares in Hokkaido, and he is also an expert hunter of bears. Toshiharu tries to teach his daughter how to live with both the beauties and the rigors of nature, while making her share the work at the stock farm.

DC239103, DC239104

Diving with Dad – Life in the Northern Winter –


冬・知床 亜紀11才の潜水日記 [NTV]

|Length : 30min. |Year : 1991

Along with the coming of drift ice to Hokkaido every year, there also come various wildlife species such as seals, sea lions, and sea eagles. This program depicts the natural world of the Shiretoko Peninsula through the eyes of a father-and-daughter diving team. Wataru Kizawa has been diving in the sea off the peninsula for many years to get in touch with such wildlife, while his second daughter Aki began mid-winter diving for the first time this year.

The Challenge of the Deep


厳冬の津軽海峡にサメを追え! [NTV]

|Length : 28min. |Year : 1991

This is a documentary of the lives of two dogfish catchers who, although father and son, are the fiercest of rivals. Fishing for spiny dogfish on the freezing winter seas off Aomori in the north of Japan is not only dangerous and lonely but highly competitive work.
The father, Fujiemon, is considered the undisputed master dogfish catcher of the village, but his son Daisuke is fighting hard to take his place.
This documentary reveals the true love and respect between the father and son, despite their on-going feud and fierce rivalry.

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