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The Wall-maker’s school of Castle town


となりのテレ金ちゃん 壁の学校 総集編 [KTK]

|Length : 25min |Year : 2021

In Japan, plastering requires a historical method for coating the walls of castles and other traditional buildings. Since this artisan industry is strict and requires a high degree of skill and endurance, the number of new plastering artisans is on the decline. In order to attract employees, a plastering company in a castle town, Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture) has established its own training school. These are the stories of the artisans training at that school.

Working while attending school, some students come in late or skip class. On the other hand, one female student—motivated not to lose to the men—graduates at the top of the class and goes on to participate in the National Skills Competition. We follow these young artisans for two years, as they learn to preserve the walls of Japan’s traditional cultural properties.


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