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Letters from Klaudiya


クラウディアからの手紙 [NKT]

|Length : 50min. |Year : 1999

This program follows the painful separation between Klaudiya and Yasaburo Hachiya, who lived together for 37 years in the Russian Far East after being falsely imprisoned and exiled to Siberia. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Hachiya discovered that his wife and daughter in Japan were still alive and he has since gone to live with them. Klaudiya, now 77, writes to him, "I have now fully come to terms with us being apart. There was no way I could think only of what I wanted if that meant you would be sad. I wish all of you in Japan every happiness ..."

Embracing Life – Raising Cattle with Naoki and Ikuko


いのちだきしめて ~牛飼いナオキと育子さん [NKT]

|Length : 25min. |Year : 2006

Sekigane-cho, in Tottori Prefecture, is a farming village at the foot of the Chugoku Highlands in Western Japan. Stockbreeder, Mrs. Ikuko Torikai, raises 200 head of beef cattle. Neighborhood schoolchildren come to her farm for hands-on learning. Ikuko had been worried about the tendency for the youth today to disregard the preciousness of life and to act selfishly and even turn to crime. She hit upon the idea of teaching them compassion through work raising cattle, and she invited the school to send their children to her. Among the children, is a young boy who has more than passing interest in raising cattle - Naoki Hosoda. Naoki comes to the cowshed even after school, and on holidays, and takes care of the cows until dusk. Naoki's dream is to one day become a cattle farmer.


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