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Ptarmigans “living in the peaks of the Tateyamas”


ライチョウ ~立山に生きる~ [BBT]

|Length : 41min. |Year : 2008

Murodo, which is located at the foot of the peaks of the Tateyamas in the North Alps, with mountains in the 3,000 high-class, is the area where the habitation density of the ptarmigan is the highest in Japan. Various dramas are developed there every season, such as males' fight over the territory, intent courtship behavior, birth of baby birds, mothers' child-care, molting to become the wonderful protective coloration and so on.
The mysterious bird which was left behind in the alpine belt of island Japan in the end of the glacial epoch. This is the nature-interest document which stared at the one year of the ptarmigans to survive powerfully in Murododaira, Tateyama, which is 2,450 meters above the sea and covered with snow for more than half a year.


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