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The 20th Century through the Eyes of Children – 10,000 Pictures Treasured by a School –


12歳が描いた20世紀 ある小学校に残された1万枚の絵 [KNB]

|Length : 46min. |Year : 1998

At Bakuro Elementary School founded in 1901, "pictures" drawn by six-graders have been preserved for almost 100 years. The works of art, some dating back to around 1907, were left in the school's hands in commemoration of their graduation. the pictures give us an idea how the students were educated then, how their lifestyles were like back in the day, and how things have changed with the progress of time through the four Emperor's eras I.E. Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisei.

Sankyoson – One-hectare Utopia –


散居村 1haのユートピア [KNB]

|Length : 47min. |Year : 2003

"Sankyoson" signifies a certain type of rural community where villagers'houses are scattered irregularly, with each house situated in the middle of 1 hectare of plowed land. Factors that allowed such beautiful scenery and this unique form of local community to continue existence into this modern age are found in the form of Sankyoson itself. "Houses scattered, separated from each other by 100 meters" indicates the basic layout. A big house called "Azumadachi", and "Kainyo", a thick estate forest surrounding its lot of 500 tsubo, provide each family with perfect privacy free from unnecessary attention from the neighbors.


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