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Production Year 2015

Raising Parents: Lessons from a Veteran Midwife


親育て~91歳の助産婦の教え~ [ABC]

|Length : 24min |Year : 2015

Fujie Sakamoto, a 91 year old midwife operates a maternity home in Wakayama Prefecture. Immediately after the war, she started this job and has since assisted delivery of over 4000 babies in 70 years. When midwives first came about, they would assist deliveries at homes, but now most give birth at hospitals. Still, there are so many pregnant women who wish to give birth at Sakamoto’s midwifery. It is because she doesn’t hold back giving gentle and sometimes stern advice based on her experience, even with mothers she meets for the first time.
In this program, we learn how best to nurture life from Sakamoto, who has brought babies to their mother’s warm embrace for 70 years.

The Tragedy of the Mt. Ontake Eruption: Living on an Island of Volcanoes


御嶽山噴火~火山列島ニッポンに生きる~ [CBC]

|Length : 48min |Year : 2015

Midday September 27, 2014, some 250 people at the summit of Mt. Ontake were caught completely unaware by a sudden and violent explosive eruption that sent volcanic rocks and ash raining down on them. Sixty-three people died or went missing that day in the single greatest volcanic disaster in postwar Japanese history.
Living with the possibility of a volcanic eruption is a fact of life for many Japanese people. Is Japan doing enough in the way of volcanic disaster awareness and prevention to keep its people safe? This documentary examines what went wrong at Mt. Ontake and explores issues with Japan’s volcano disaster prevention warning system.

SERIES 20s Discovering Life | Working as a Meteorologist


気象予報士 [NHK]

|Length : 24min |Year : 2015

Our subject is meteorologist Yuu Sato, 29, who works at a meteorological service company. He is in charge of developing weather predicting systems, which have garnered great reviews.
However, his association with a new apartment mate has caused a little bit of self-doubt to emerge. “Is job satisfaction all that life should be about?” Inspired by his roommate, Sato had started to search for the “satisfaction” that he had not been able to find in his job.

SERIES 20s Discovering Life | Working to Support the Great East Japan Earthquake and Recovery


復興支援団体 代表 [NHK]

|Length : 24min |Year : 2015

Our subject is Takuma Kato, 26, who heads a support organization in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture. Immediately following the Great East Japan Earthquake, he entered the Karakuwa area of Kesennuma as a volunteer.
Kato has worked part time at the city office, while carrying on his activities as head of his support group. His first objective is to get the cooperation of local fishermen in starting up “fisherman-for-a-day” tours for tourists. But with no knowledge of the tourist industry, he encounters problems one after another. Will the tour be a success?

SERIES 20s Discovering Life | Working at a Local Airline Company


地方航空会社 地上職 [NHK]

|Length : 24min |Year : 2015

In Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture, there is “Japan’s smallest airline company,” whose entire fleet consists on just one plane. The subject of this program is Yuki Kaneko, 24, a member of the ground crew.
Working for such a small company, he wears many hats. Kaneko was born and raised in Amakusa, but actually had no intention of working in his hometown. What sort of life does he see himself leading here?

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