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Production Year 1998

SERIES Hello Nippon - We Are Cosmopolitans | An American PR Worker in the Village


ハローニッポン - われら地球人 - | ボクは山村の広報マン [NHK]

|Length : 20min. |Year : 1998

Michael Kahn works for the village of Kagami in Kochi Prefecture in southern Shikoku as a public relations expert. His job includes writing and editing articles, and designing the magazine produced by the city's Public Relations Department. He places great emphasis on increasing cultural exchange programs between Japan and the United States, his home country, and his main goal is to ensure that foreigners living in Japan are seen as human beings and not as "outsiders."

SERIES Hello Nippon - We Are Cosmopolitans | Passion towards Peking Opera “Momo Taro”


ハローニッポン - われら地球人 - | 京劇「桃太郎」にかける [NHK]

|Length : 20min. |Year : 1998

Lu Damin teaches the Peking Opera to students, officer workers and housewives as part of his dream to spread this beautiful art form to everyone in Japan. Lu chose as his script the Japanese folklore "Momo Taro," which is familiar to everyone. The group performed the play once, and received encouragement from people involved in various walks of life during the process.

SERIES Hello Nippon - We Are Cosmopolitans | Hurray Pets! Vet Who Heals the Soul


ハローニッポン - われら地球人 - | ペット万歳!心も診る獣医さん [NHK]

|Length : 20min. |Year : 1998

Dr. Welk Tekora is a veterinarian originally from Ethiopia whose children have dual citizenship. He now treats cats, dogs and exotic animals in Japan. Through consulting with and educating pet owners, his high regard for animal life is expressed. In this episode, Dr. Tekora also talks about his views on life and death, and why he thinks Japanese people do not take care of their pets properly.

The Four Seasons of Mt. Daisetsu


大雪山の四季 [HTB]

|Length : 45min. |Year : 1998

The gardens where the gods play

Mt. Daisetsu, located in Hokkaido, is the largest national park in Japan. The Ainus, Japan's aboriginal peoples, referred to this mountainous area filled with forests as "Kamuimintara," or the gardens where gods play. Covered by snow and ice eight months of the year, it is said that Mt. Daisetsu has only two seasons: spring and winter. The spring, while short-lived, is a microcosm of new life with flying squirrels traversing the night sky, and alpine plants unique to this area covering the grounds with their huge flowers.

Village of Dog’s Tooth Violets – The Four Seasons of Sawauchi, Iwate Prefecture –


カタクリの里 岩手県沢内村の四季 [IBC]

|Length : 52min. |Year : 1998

Urban Life can be a turn-off for some people. Mr. Sakamoto, who had been employed by the Maritime Safety Agency, chose to move to the village of Sawauchi where he and his family could live a life more suited to them. Sawauchi is known as the "Village of Dog's Tooth Violets," for the pretty purplish-pink flowers that flourish there. Here in this village they learn not only how to choose and care for horses, but also how to grow and harvest rice. They also meet a man who has spent years traversing the mountains in search of signs of the ancient matagi, or bear-hunters of the area.

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