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Morning Glory – A Helping Hand for Newcomers to Japan –


私の味方は日本の母 [MRO]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1992

This documentary focuses on Myra Okamoto, a young Filipino woman who is married to a Japanese. Her husband, a craftsman, has to be away from home from time to time. When she was pregnant and feeling lonely, some Japanese mothers in her neighborhood gave her a helping hand, began to teach her the Japanese language, and finally organized a volunteer group of mothers. And now they are working energetically to help many residents from around the world.

A Chinese Boy in Japan


家君は外国人 [OBS]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1992

Guo Jia is the only son of Qun Ying, a Chinese-language teacher in Japan. She majored in the Japanese language at a university in Beijing, and they came to Japan two years ago. Jia did not take long to get used to life in a Japanese kindergarten, and was enjoying himself in Japan. But Qun Ying worried about how she should educate Jia, who is about to reach school age. Her contract to work as a Chinese teacher has not yet expired. Finally, she decides to live in Japan with her husband and son for the time being, and to send Jia to a Japanese school.

A Bean Tree From Siberia


シベリア豆の木 [TYS]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 1992

This program is a montage lyrically composed from the diary and works of Yasuo Kazuki, a Japanese painter who passed away after completing the "Siberian Series." Shortly after graduating from an institute of the arts, Kazuki was drafted into the army, and when the war ended, he was sent to a prison camp in Siberia. Later, he took home the seeds of San Juan which he had collected amidst intense cold and hunger. One grew in the garden of the Kazuki family into a big tree. Through this program, viewers can consider problems of human life through the wartime episodes described by Kazuki and shown in his works.

Pacific War Headlines – Newspapers in Japan and the United States, 1941-1945


記者それぞれの夏 [RKB]

|Length : 82min. |Year : 1992

On September 2, 1945, representatives of the Japanese government signed the terms of surrender on board the battle-ship Missouri. An A.P. reporter witnessed everything happening on that historic day. He was deeply moved to see that Japan seemed so isolated and without a friend anywhere. This documentary looks into the roles of wartime journalism, especially the newspapers in Japan and the United States.

I Can Feel the World in My Heart


心に地球が見えてきた よしつぐの3日間 [RNB]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1993

When Ivan and Alexei arrive to stay with his family for three days as part of a visiting Russian junior baseball team, fifth grade student Yoshitsugu suddenly comes face to face with a most contemporary problem: how to communicate with people who speak a completely different language and come from a much different culture with unfamiliar values. How Yoshitsugu learns to bridge the culture gap is the theme of very interesting program with relevance for everyone.

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