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Three Gorges Dam Project – A Journey Toward 21st Century China –


三峡ダム大移住計画 113万人の故郷が沈む 中国21世紀への旅 [NAV]

|Length : 56min. |Year : 1995

China is building the world's largest hydroelectric dam in the densely populated and historically significant "Three Gorges" region. Problems abound. More than 30,000 hectares of farmland and 13 towns and 140 villages will be submerged and the lives of more than one million people will change irrevocably. Besides being one of the most challenging engineering projects ever, this undertaking will require one of the biggest resettlement efforts in recent history.

Rain Forest Voices – Borneo’s Indigenous Dayaks –


熱帯林の先住民は叫ぶ 緑の秘境ボルネオ 小さな村からの報告 [NAV]

|Length : 59min. |Year : 1993

This program focuses on a major environmental issue. It follows two Dayaks from Sarawak's highland rain forest on a journey to the lowlands. Piman and Peseo want to invite logging companies to their area, hoping "progress" will bring jobs and roads. First, however, they want to look at a logging site and visit the villages of the many Dayaks who have already migrated to the lowlands looking for a better life. What they find is a tragic predicament with relevance to us all.


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