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The Dance of the Lion


大獅子が通る [RNC]

|Length : 28min. |Year : 1993

The shrines in Miki in Kagawa Prefecture have all performed the traditional shishi-mai or Lion Dance to drive out evil spirits. The single exception was Hikami Shrine. Then, a local man, Shigeki Kushida, decided to stage a lion dance for the shrine. He made the lion's "head", persuaded a cousin to decorate the fabric "body" of the lion, and drummed up community support. This interesting program shows how people working together can revive an ancient tradition.

Feeling Higher than the Sky – Choosing Night School –


空よりも高く 定時制高校を選んだ理由 [RNC]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1992

At the Takamatsu Polytechnic Night-Time High School, the 186 students include a variety of young men and women: those who left full-time high schools, those who made a new start here to earn their high school degrees, and students who did not pass the entrance exams for full-time high schools. But almost all of them are cheerful and energetic. This program tries to look into what they really think, while portraying their daily lives inside and outside of school.


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