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Gion Festival-The Road to the Historic Float’s Restoration-


祇園祭 鷹山復興への道 196年の眠りから覚めて [KBS]

|Length : 52min |Year : 2023

Gion Festival, one of the most famous festivals in Japan, includes many rituals and events during the month of July every year. The most famous of these are the float processions held on the 17th and again on the 24th. All the floats are festooned with gorgeous ornaments and are pulled and pushed through the main streets of Kyoto.
On July 24, 2022 the Takayama Float which had not been seen for 196 years, was seen once again in the second parade.
Over the years there had been many failed attempts to revive the Takayama Float. But it wasn’t until 2022 that this fabled float would once again proudly join the parade again. It wasn’t easy, but thanks to many people’s efforts, the Takayama Float enjoyed a rebirth after nearly 200 years, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the festival.

Prominent Artisans of Kyoto Techniques and Artistic Spirits


京職人手帖第7話 京職人 ~受け継がれる技と想い~ [KBS]

|Length : 20min |Year : 2020

Kyoto was the Imperial capital of Japan for over 1000 years until the mid-19th century. Most of Japan’s great traditions and culture grew and were nurtured in Kyoto by dedicated artisans. This program introduces some of the finest crafts people who have perfected their techniques and artistic spirits over many years.
KYOTO KACCHU or decorative armor is exhibited during the Boys’ Festival in May. It exudes a graceful character in its valiancy. Saji Takeo is a craftsman of Kyoto Armor and produces various pieces including helmets, armguards, and leg guards and assembles all the pieces to make finished products by hand.
Kyoto Knot-tassels were used as decorations for furnishings in the 9th century. And in the 17th century, knot-tassels were used for Buddhist altar fittings as well as monks’ Buddhist stoles. Kagitani Kyozo is a craftsman making Kyoto Knot-tassels. He knots and combines various types of traditional knots to make decorative knot-tassels.


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