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Artist of Divine SpiritMiwa Komatsu and Tears of the Earth


神獣アーティスト 小松美羽と地球の涙 [HTV]

|Length : 23min |Year : 2021

A contemporary artist Miwa Komatsu who is active overseas and her drawings are receiving a lot of attention.

One of the most famous museums in the world, the British Museum has selected her painted Arita porcelain guardian dogs as a part of its permanent collection. She is now one of the hottest contemporary artists in the world.

It is her unique style that attracts people. She delivers prayers to people by drawing sacred beasts such as mountain dogs, dragons, and phoenixes that only she can see.

Miwa Komatsu visits the A-bombed area of Hiroshima. What does she feel with her unique sensitivity and her view of life and death, facing the A-bomb survivors and relics?


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