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El templo Eihei-ji


学びEye!永平寺に学ぶ~食の作法 [FBC]

|Length : 26min. |Year : 2013

En lo profundo de las nevadas montañas de Japón se encuentra Eihei-ji, el principal templo de la escuela Soto del budismo zen.
Lo fundó Dogen Zenji hace casi 770 años, como lugar de entrenamiento ascético. Aquí, unos 200 monjes de todo el país realizan rigurosas prácticas día y noche.
La meditación zen y la recitación de sutras forman parte del entrenamiento básico. Sin embargo, Dogen enseñó que cocinar y comer también deben considerarse parte de la práctica. Esta enseñanza la transmite el tenzo, el sacerdote encargado de la cocina en Eihei-ji.
A pesar de su importante cargo, el actual tenzo, Ryokyu Miyoshi, sigue cocinando codo a codo con los monjes aprendices. La cámara sigue al tenzo Miyoshi mientras prepara la comida en Eihei-ji.
Dogen Zenji anotó sus instrucciones y enseñanzas sobre la cocina en el tenzo kyokun, o Libro de los principios del tenzo. Por ejemplo, Dogen insiste en que todos los ingredientes son seres vivos, de modo que no hay que desperdiciar ni un solo grano de arroz. De acuerdo con esto, los monjes de Eihei-ji se esfuerzan para aprovecharlo todo. La cáscara y las semillas de las verduras, por ejemplo, se usan para hacer caldo.

La comida se prepara de todo corazón, pensando en quienes la van a comer. El tenzo Miyoshi cree que la sociedad se beneficiaría si la comida se tratara con más cuidado. Esta es la esencia de las enseñanzas de Dogen Zenji, una lección que sigue transmitiéndose de generación en generación.

DO YOU LIKE THE COUNTRYSIDE? -Exploring Fukui Through the Lens of a Camera-


FBCスペシャル2021 #田舎は好きですか ~ファインダー越しの僕のふるさと~ [FBC]

|Length : 48min |Year : 2022

This program follows a 20-year-old young man who continues to take photographs in Fukui with the theme of youth and memories.
“Fukui Prefecture ranks low in terms of attractiveness nationwide, but somehow I felt frustrated and wanted to overturn that,” Yuta Tomosaki (20)said. In order to discover this, he started taking pictures during the self-restraint period of the covid-19 disaster, and took pictures of casual everyday scenery and life such as the local sea, mountains, farming villages, and friends. When he posted it on SNS, the number of followers increased to 80,000 in one year, and it attracted attention, and I realized that each photo was full of local attractions that I had not known until now.In January 2021, he took a picture of the dinosaur monument in the plaza of JR Fukui Station. When he posted it, it was picked up by internet news and became a topic such as “It looks like an ice age”, and it received more than 270,000 “nice!”.
He says, “I still admire the splendor of the city, but recently I've come to appreciate the tranquility of the countryside.” In order to convey the charm of the hometown to young people of the same generation who dream of the city, the posted image is accompanied by the question “# Do you like the countryside?”

Eihei-ji Temple : Preparing the Food of Life


学びEye!永平寺に学ぶ~食の作法 [FBC]

|Length : 26min. |Year : 2012

Deep in the snowy mountains of Japan lies Eihei-ji, the main temple of Soto Zen Buddhism.
The temple dates back nearly 770 years ago, when it was founded by Dogen Zenji as a place for ascetic training.
Around 200 monks from all over Japan engage in rigorous training at the temple.
Zen meditation and sutra chanting play an essential role. As Dogen instructed, though, cooking and eating are also part of training.
This teaching is handed down by the tenzo, the priest who takes care of all the cooking at Eihei-ji.
Despite his important position, the current tenzo Ryokyu Miyoshi still cooks in the kitchen with the trainee monks.
The camera follows tenzo Miyoshi as he prepares food at Eihei-ji.
Dogen Zenji wrote down his instructions and teachings about cooking in the tenzo kyokun, or "Book of creeds."
For example, Dogen insists all ingredients are living things, so even a single grain of rice must not be wasted.
In accordance with this, the monks at Eihei-ji try hard not to waste food, with the skin and seeds of vegetables, for instance, being reused to make soup stock.

The food is prepared from the heart with the eater in mind.
Tenzo Miyoshi believes society benefits when food is treated with more care.
This is the essence of Dogen Zenji's teachings, a lesson that continues to be passed on down through the ages.


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