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Dydo Group “Matsuri” of Japan Namahage The Deities That Come on New Year’s Eve


ダイドー 日本の祭り「大晦日に訪れる神々男鹿のナマハゲ」 [AKT]

|Length : 48min |Year : 2021

In Akita Prefecture, up in northern Japan... a traditional ritual where deities called “Namahage” come to people’s houses has been carefully preserved by the 90-or-so villages of Oga City.
We’ve followed their footsteps over the course of 20 years. Each village has established its own style, and the tradition even died out in one of the villages but was revived again. The program focuses on three particular villages. Discover what these Namahage that go from house to house scolding children and those that have been lazy signify for the people of Oga.


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