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Visas of Life: Japanese People who Saved 6000 Lives


私をおぼえていてください 素敵な日本人へ [FTB]

|Length : 48min |Year : 2015

It is said that during the Second World War, around 6 million Jewish lives in Europe were lost by the hand of Nazi Germany. However, 6000 Jewish people were saved by being able to leave Europe thanks to transit visas issued by Chiune Sugihara, who worked for the Japanese consulate in Lithuania at the time. Crossing the Soviet Union by the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Jewish refugees were able to flee by boat from Vladivostok to the harbor of Tsuruga in Japan.
Many stories that were buried in the stream of history have been kept afloat in the memories of the Sugihara survivors. It is because of their testimony that we come to think this is a precious and important part of history, and something that should never get lost.

Once Again, My Blue Ocean – A Skin-Diver’s Battle –


もう一度青い海が見たい 重油漂着・海女120日の記録 [FTB]

|Length : 58min. |Year : 1997

One woman's fight to save the ocean

When the Russian tanker Nakhodka sinks in the Japan Sea in early 1997 spilling tons of oil off the coast of a fishing village in Fukui Prefecture, a 74-year-old "ama-san" (woman skindiver) fought for three months to save the sea, which had become an inseparable part of her life. Ms. Konishi's struggle, documented in this program, begins with only ladles and buckets, and ends when she lost consciousness due to a brain hemorrhage.


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