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Kaka Murad The Japanese water doctor, Nakamura Tetsu


カカ・ムラド 中村哲の信念 [TNC]

|Length : 47min |Year : 2021

“One canal willdo more than100 medical clinics.”
In his lateryears,the doctor ofmedicinewore more overallsthan whitecoats,
and wielded an excavatorinstead ofa scalpel, allto bringwaterto those
suffering froman unprecedenteddrought 6,300 kilometers away fromhis
Japanese homeland, andto turnAfghanistan’sparched land green.
Aimingto bring peace without weapons, and devotinghis effortsto the support
ofrefugees, he wasknown to the localsas“KakaMurad,” meaning“Uncle
Usingconstruction methods that enabledthe localsto make their own repairs, he
had a habit ofsaying, “My successor is the canal itself.”
His words came true, andthe product ofhis beliefs nowflowsthroughoutthe
once-parched land.
Why didhe devotehis life to rebuildingAfghanistan?
What exactly wasitthat spurred himinto action?
We search foranswersinhis hometown, and theDNAhe inheritedfromhis
grandfather. TelevisionNishinippon’s archivesand exclusive newfootage fromAfghanistan
provide a look at thelife ofDr. Nakamura Tetsu.


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