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Me in the Mirror


かがみの中で [CBC]

|Length : 50min |Year : 2023

Me in the Mirror
Utako Seki, age 16, of Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, was born with incurable spinal muscular atrophy. She can barely move her eyes and toes or breathe by herself, but she lives optimistically with the support of her family.
This is Utako’s story.
Although her disease has no cure, advances in medicine are opening up new treatment possibilities, and technological advances expand her capabilities using the slightest of movements. Utako has many dreams, and with her family’s help, she sets a huge goal.
Despite her disease, Utako’s brain developed normally. She loves storybooks and movies, so the idea for Utako to create an original picture story was born! Utako's family takes on the challenge of making it a reality, and their efforts attract many supporters. With their help, can her dream come true?
In her story titled Me in the Mirror, Utako dresses fancily and flies about freely while facing her reality.

We Did it, Grandpa!


やったぜ!じいちゃん [CBC]

|Length : 50min |Year : 2023

74-year-old Kazuo Funabashi, the proprietor of a print shop in Aichi Prefecture, has suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood. He manages stairs, dressing, and shaving with the help of a caregiver. He was not expected to live beyond 20 years, but he lives happily, surrounded by his wife, two daughters, and even a grandson. The computer helps Kazuo to eloquently convey his thoughts and feelings, but he is unable to clearly vocalize his thoughts. Mizue, his wife of 45 years, supports him as his hands and feet, and even as his voice.

50 years ago, a CBC-TV camera crew filmed Kazuo as he and three friends with disabilities journeyed on their own to a distant hot spring inn. Back then, the negativity shown by the public toward persons with disabilities was much more pronounced than it is today. Despite this, Kazuo’s mother Yukiko encouraged her son to face the world.

This program presents the thoughts and the everyday life of this intrepid man.

Dreams on a Tandem Bike


タンデム自転車に夢を乗せて~あなたとわたしと風と~ [EBC]

|Length : 47min |Year : 2021

A boy with cerebral palsy excitedly riding a bike. A blind man training to compete in a triathlon. These are just two of many people whose lives have been changed by being introduced to the wonders of the tandem bike. Kaoru Tsuga of Ehime, Japan, is a woman who began working to promote the use of tandem bikes in 2010. She and her husband, who was blind, shared the dream of one day riding a tandem together, but sadly, her husband passed away before they could make that dream a reality. But now, she works to introduce the fun of riding to people with all sorts of disabilities. It is her wish that by helping disabled people discover they can ride something they never thought they could, she can broaden their possibilities and help them realize they can overcome the social barriers between disabled and non-disabled people.

“Yorisoi” Coming Together A Deaf Doctor’s Story


よりそい~静寂と生きる難聴医師 2020秋篇 [CBC]

|Length : 55min |Year : 2021

There are only 11 doctors in Japan with hearing disabilities.

Doctor Ryuji Imagawa (34), who works in Mie Prefecture, has not been able to hear most sounds ever since he was born.
He admired Doctor “Black Jack”, a protagonist in a manga series when he was young. However, Japan’s Medical Practitioners Act stated that “anyone who is blind, deaf, or mute will not be granted a license to practice medicine”.
Still, in 2001, the act was deemed discriminatory, and the words “deaf person” was omitted. This became his turning point, which allowed his dream of becoming a doctor come true. Today, he has been working diligently.

Through following the daily life of Dr. Imagawa, who reads lips when inspecting his patients, we hoped to ask what is important in the medical scene as well as our daily lives, during a time of worldwide discomfort in the wake of COVID-19.

Beyond the Off-Road ~A Mobile Clinic Makes its Way through Terrain~


道なき道の彼方へ ~へき地を診る医師~

|Length : 47 |Year : 2019

The republic of Zanbia right in center of Southern Africa,about 1300km from Japan
Population is about 16million and one of the poorest countries in the world
Dr.Yamamoto runs a traveling clinic in the remote areas here where many huts only have straw roots,there are on schools,hospitals or electricity.
Malaria,the common tropical disease caused by parasites and conveyed by femaole
It can cause high fever ,nausea,coma and kidney failure
It kills more than 400,000people yearly,but the death toll has decreasing since Dr.yamamoto
Started her crusade.She was born and brought up in Miyazaki Japan
Her junior high school dream came true.She worked first as a local GP then because a
Medical officer for the WHO. In 2010 she acquired a medical license in Zambia
Despite her harsh situation, she never gives up on the patients.

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