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Beyond the Off-Road ~A Mobile Clinic Makes its Way through Terrain~


道なき道の彼方へ ~へき地を診る医師~

|Length : 47 |Year : 2019

The republic of Zanbia right in center of Southern Africa,about 1300km from Japan
Population is about 16million and one of the poorest countries in the world
Dr.Yamamoto runs a traveling clinic in the remote areas here where many huts only have straw roots,there are on schools,hospitals or electricity.
Malaria,the common tropical disease caused by parasites and conveyed by femaole
It can cause high fever ,nausea,coma and kidney failure
It kills more than 400,000people yearly,but the death toll has decreasing since Dr.yamamoto
Started her crusade.She was born and brought up in Miyazaki Japan
Her junior high school dream came true.She worked first as a local GP then because a
Medical officer for the WHO. In 2010 she acquired a medical license in Zambia
Despite her harsh situation, she never gives up on the patients.

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