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SERIES Mother and Child’s TV Picture Book


母と子のテレビ絵本 [NHK]

|Length : 10min. x10 |Year : 1991

Designed for children under eight and their mothers, this delightful animation series presents folk and fairly tales from Japan and the rest of the world. "Catnap Kitten School" uses entertaining animal characters to present fun tales relevant to children's daily lives. That masterpiece of literary art,"Fabre,s World of Insects"stimulates the imagination and encourages children to read.

[Catnap Kitten School]
1. The Headmaster's Excursion
2. The Badger's Inspection Day
3. Mr. Pakuri's Secret
4. The Girl on the Last Bus
5. The Vice Principal Becomes Headmaster

[Fabre's World of Insects]
1. The Tumblebug's Tale
2. The Ant and the Cicada
3. The Secret of the Hunting Wasps
4. The Mystery of the Praying Mantis
5. The Ant's Parade

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