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SERIES Puppet Theater


こども人形劇場 [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x61 |Year : 1991

"Puppet Theater" features Japanese folktales and traditional and modern stories from around the world. The clever puppetry and lively dialogue add to the attraction of this entertaining series of programs, which is widely international in scope and represents a rich diversity of cultural traditions.
The series targets children of kindergarten age and aims at widening youthful horizons while stimulating creativity.

1. The Rabbit in the Moon
2. The Good-Hearted Demon
3. The Smart Novices
4. The Mean Raccoon
5. The Adventure of Songoku (1)
6. The Adventure of Songoku (2)
7. The Adventure of Songoku (3)
8. The Adventure of Songoku (4)
9. The Angel's Robe
10. The Little Boy and Clothespins
11. The Mischievous Water Imp
12. The Last Leaf
13. The Lost Soldier
14. The Little Boy and the Evil God
15. The Golden Ax
16. The Wife's Portrait
17. Mr. Straw-Wealth
18. The Notched Ear Rabbit
19. The Old Man's Lamp
20. The Three Wishes
21. The Nose
22. Matarabe, Son of the Sun(1)
23. Matarabe, Son of the Sun(2)
24. The Falcon's Child
25. Toshishun (1)
26. Toshishun (2)
27. Moby Dick (1)
28. Moby Dick (2)
29. Moby Dick (3)
30. Kenmun The Goblin
31. The Magic Bucket
32. The Monkeys and the Fireflies
33. The Mice who Crossed the Sea
34. The Adventures of Don Quixote (1)
35. The Adventures of Don Quixote (2)
36. The Snow Woman
37. The Clown and the Red Rose
38. The Mouse Bride
39. Taro, the Prince of Dreams
40. The King's Drum
41. The Fox's Friend-shop
42. Always Friends
43. Will My Friend Come?
44. Elfu,the One-Legged Ostrich
45. The Fox's Window
46. Captain Nemo and Friends-(1)
47. Captain Nemo and Friends-(2)
48. Captain Nemo and Friends-(3)
49. Captain Nemo and Friends-(4)
50. Time machine Adventure: Episode 1
51. Time machine Adventure: Episode 2
52. Time machine Adventure: Episode 3
53. The Carpenter and the Ogre
54. Tanokyu
55. The Gift of the Magi
56. Furuya no Mori–Monster or Leaky Old House?
57. The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom
58. The Cat and the Priest
59. Gon, the little Fox
60. Gauche the Cellist, Part I
61. Gauche the Cellist, Part II

[French Version]
Théâtre de marionnettes (15min. x2)

1. Furuya no Mori – Monstre ou fuite d'eau?
2. Le vieillard qui faisait fleurir les arbres

[Spanish Version]
Teatro de marionetas (15min. x33)

1. El conejo en la luna
2. El diablo de buen corazón
3. Los novicios listos
4. El malvado tejón
5. Las aventuras de Songoku(1)
6. Las aventuras de Songoku(2)
7. Las aventuras de Songoku(3)
8. Las aventuras de Songoku(4)
9. La ropa del ángel
10. El niñito y las pinzas de ropa
11. El travieso diablillo de agua
12. La última hoja
13. El soldado perdido
14. El niño y el demonio
15. El hacha de oro
16. El retrato de la esposa
17. La pajilla de la suerte
18. El conejo oreja mordida
19. La lámpara antigua
20. Los tres deseos
21. La nariz
22. Matarabe, hijo del sol(1)
23. Matarabe, hijo del sol(2)
24. El niño del halcón
25. Toshishun(1)
26. Toshishun(2)
27. Moby Dick(1)
28. Moby Dick(2)
29. Moby Dick(3)
30. El gato y el monje
31. Gon, el pequeno zorro
32. Gauche el violonchelista: Parte I
33. Gauche el violonchelista: Parte II

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