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SERIES Hello Friends


あつまれじゃんけんぽん [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x20 |Year : 1997

Learning tolerance through daily experience

Twin aliens start a new life in Cheerful Village after becoming separated from their spaceship and landing on Earth. Over the years, the twins overcome language difficulties and bridge cultures which are a universe apart, making friends with children in the village. Designed for children up to second grade, the goal of this puppet show is to instill in children a cherishing and caring nature, and a concern for others.

1. They Came from Outer Space
2. The New Teacher
3. The Search for the Sparkling Plant
4. Can Dad be Mum ?
5. I Have a Dream Too
6. I Hate My Sister
7. Who's Scared Now ?
8. Andy's Being Bad
9. Don't Be Picky
10. Parents Don't Understand Us
11. Being Mayor Isn't Easy
12. Do Your Best, It's Sports Day
13. Birds Fly South
14. Contact with Outer Space
15. I Don't Want to Say Goodbye
16. The Sparkling Plant Crisis
17. Voluntary Work
18. Andy vs. Nicci.
19. A Farewell Picnic
20. Rainbow Coloured Peppers

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