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SERIES Monster School


バケルノ小学校ヒュードロ組 [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x13 |Year : 2003

Nobiro is an elementary school student in grade two. His parents have gone to Africa on business, and while they are away, Nobiro is staying with the family of his father's good friends, Otengu. Otengu and his wife, Metengu, take good care of Nobiro as if he was their own son. But in fact, Otengu and Metengu are not human. They are crow goblins. The Otengu family live in apartment 305 of a very tall building called "Monster Heights". Nobiro's school, "Monster School", is found on the 101st floor, on the roof of the tower. A high-speed elevator takes the students up to school each day. Nobiro's classmates include Santa the water goblin, Miiko the magic cat, Byakko the fox, the Yukinki Brothers the twin yeti and Mush the magical mushroom. Each of them has their own special powers. Even their teacher, Ms.Okiku, the principal, Principal Bunbuku, and the school chef, Noppera, are monsters.
This series of programs uses puppet characters to tell the story of Nobiro as he gets to know his new classmates. He learns to understand them, and teaches them about himself. Through this core theme, the series focuses on teaching children the importance of communication.

1. I Love Monster School
2. Metengu Lays An Egg
3. Miiko and Byakko's Contest
4. Why Isn't Ms.Okiku Angry?
5. Kotengu is Born
6. Nighttime at the Monster Market
7. Nobiro's School Project
8. The Haunted Bathroom
9. My Cute Little Sister
10. Midnight Marathon
11. My Magic Pencil Crayons
12. Nanny Knows Best
13. Monster School Cinderella

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