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SERIES The Sensitive Samurai Part 2


腕におぼえあり2 [NHK]

|Length : 70min. x1, 44min. x12 |Year : 1998

Matahachiro Aoye was enjoying a relaxed life with his wife in a humble estate in Edo when he was suddenly summoned home by the chief councilor of his clan.
He is ordered to return to Edo on a secret mission. The aim is to recover documents relating to the plot in which the head of the clan was poisoned.
To support himself, Matahachiro has to take up employment as a hired guard. Matahachiro and a lady of their clan, Sachi, who has been assigned to assist him, try to locate the documents. In the meantime the central government, sensing that the clan is riven by factions, engages secret agents to keep it under surveillance.
Amidst the disorder created by the power struggle in the clan, and the intrigues set up by the government secret agents, Matahachiro's brilliant swordsmanship is displayed.

Episode 1: Returned Guard
Episode 2: Second House in Banba-cho
Episode 3: Poisonous Spiders
Episode 4: The Snare
Episode 5: The Wastrel Son
Episode 6: The Lonely Sword
Episode 7: Sword Fight in the Rain
Episode 8: Real Master behind the Scene
Episode 9: The Attack
Episode 10: A Small Trick
Episode 11: Imagination
Episode 12: Lone Wolf
Episode 13: The Death of the Plotter

(Episode 1: 67 min. Episodes 2-12: 44 min. each)

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