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SERIES Hey! Tetsuya


コラ!なんばしよっと [NHK]

|Length : 20min. x15 |Year : 1993

While this interesting series of programs was based on the childhood experiences of popular Japanese singer Tetsuya Takeda, the focus is actually on his mother, Kiku, who had to overcome many problems in raising her four boys. As the youngest child with a natural tendency towards goodhearted mischief, Tetsuya himself could be a problem, but Kiku had to face and deal with much greater challenges -- first and foremost, her alcoholic husband: if she was even a minute late arriving at his workplace on payday, he would go out and spend all the family's money drinking. The bitter fights between husband and wife sometimes sent the children scurrying to their next door neighbor's house for cover. All in all, however, Kiku was a strong, cheerful, and optimistic person who persevered to do what had to be done to make ends meet, running a small tobacco shop and doing domestic work. Certainly her example inspired young Tetsuya to grow up to be a cheerful and caring adult and undoubtedly made him the success he is today. Behind every great man is indeed a woman - his mother!

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