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SERIES She’s Green


帰ってきちゃった [NHK]

|Length : 20min. x16 |Year : 1994

Although we all have our dreams, how many of us realize them? This 16 part series is about a young woman named Kaori Murata who has always dreamed of becoming a famous journalist - not an easy thing for a woman to achieve in conservative Japan. But when Kaori gets a job at the Mai-Cho newspaper, she is assigned to work at a branch office covering her hometown in Niigata on the Japan Sea. At first, it seems to her like a step back rather than a step forward, and there are confrontations with her superiors and colleagues. Even so, she says good-bye to her boyfriend Koichi and packs her bags. As the series progresses we watch Kaori struggling in her career, making her mistakes and learning from them. She is plucky and persistent and determined to achieve her goals.

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