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カンパニー [NHK]

|Length : 74min. x3 |Year : 1996

Big Dreams, Big Business

Masahiko Date, thrust into the presidency of the family electronics firm with the sudden passing of his father, is forced to learn the rules of He turns to a friend, Akira Sekita, to help him run the company and realize his dream of being listed on the stock exchange. Things begin well, as they recruit a brilliant engineer and start work on a promising car navigation system. But the two men go their separate ways in a dispute over outside financing, and Sekita establishes his own firm. The methods the two employ, however, are strikingly different; Sekita is not above stepping around the law, while Date keeps his business dealings above board. Which will succeed? In an age when more and more young entrepreneurs are challenging the status quo, Date's "on the job" education in the world of big business is sure to inspire.

Episode 1: The Beginning of Dream
Episode 2: Those Who Are Leaving
Episode 3: Love's Destiny

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