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SERIES Let’s Tackle Scientific Problems


はてなにタックル [NHK]

|Length : 15min. X7 |Year : 1992

This series of fifteen-minute science programs is a production of NHK. It has been prepared for children of ten years old with the goal of developing their familiarity with and cultivating in them a greater interest in science. Each program features a lively young woman named Mari who sets about tackling scientific problems serving as the children's eyes and ears.
The scientific phenomena addressed are varied and include the lever principle, the properties of light, air and combustion.
In each episode, an off-screen voice representing Mari's young brother Jiro helps Mari in solving problems and carrying out experiments and serves as a device to ask questions or express doubts that the young viewers can not raise.

1. How a Lever Works
2. How Levers Balance
3. Levers in our Dailly Lives
4. Light
5. Reflection of Light
6. Bending Light
7. Fire and Air

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