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SERIES Pythagora Switch


ピタゴラスイッチ [NHK]

|Length : 10min. x13 |Year : 2003

Structures full of wonders, interesting ways of thinking and various laws are hidden in our daily lives. For example, a box becomes a flat piece of paper; there are various units to count different things; something that roates always has an axis, to nage a few.
This series of a TV program introduces such 'surprises' for children, which help to see things in different ways once they understand them. The purpose of this series is to bring up children's thinking power.

1. Base of Length
2. Can You See the Wind?
3. Many Ways of Counting?
4. Things that Spin
5. Looking from a Different Side
6. Dots Make a Picture?
7. Signs Tell You?
8. A Box is Flat?
9. The Rest is the Answer?
10. A Trace is Left
11. A Gesture Talks
12. The Perfect Shape
13. Looking Small?

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