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SERIES Let’s Get Movin’


からだであそぼ [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x7 |Year : 2005

This program aims at teaching preschool age children the fun of physical activity.
Athletic ability later in life is greatly influenced by the period from five to six years of age when the cerebral nervous system is rapidly developing. This program strives to nurture the development of both children's physical well being and mental well being. It is full of a wide variety of shorts to get children moving, from exercise routines that develop physical awareness, to the introduction to new kinds of movements by professional dancers and artists, and other activities aimed at sparking children's curiosity.
This is "healthy TV" in which children are encouraged to not just sit and watch, but to get up and get movin'!

Main Characters:

Kane (Kane Kosugi) has the physical ability and awareness of an athlete. He is a navigator, teaching the children the fun of exercise. He also shows off his cool samurai moves.
Ai (Ai Munemoto) is a cute little girl who loves to dance. She plays the instructor in some shorts.
Taiki (Taiki Wagatsuma) is a determined little boy. In the "Let's learn Kabuki" short he plays the pupil, learning a variety of kabuki techniques from a professional kabuki actor.

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