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SERIES The Science Station


ふしぎ情報局 [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x20 |Year : 2007

"The Science Station" is a science program aimed for children aged 12 to 13. With convincing images, this program helps viewers to think scientifically and discover the joys of gaining knowledge.
It contains affluent information such as latest scientific achievements and scientific topics seen in everyday life in a form that is easy for children to understand, Moreover, the program consists of individual segments which make it easy to split and partially use the clips.

1. Elements That Burn Things
2. What Elements Emerge From Burning?
3. Inhale and Exhale
4. What Happens When We Eat?
5. Blood Flow
6. What Makes Plants Grow?
7. The Human Body and the Animal Body
8. What's Under the Ground?
9. Volcano Eruptions
10. The Trembling Land
11. Acid and Alkali Solutions
12. Liquids that Melt Things
13. Useful Chemistry
14. Air that Surrounds the Earth
15. Is the Earth Really Round?
16. The Fantastic Electromagnet
17. Electromagnets in Use
18. Energy of the Future
19. How Woodland Creatures Coexist
20. Life on Earth

[Spanish Version]
Centro informativo de las Ciencias (15min. x2)

1. La convivencia de los seres vivos en el bosque
2. La tierra es única

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