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What Can We Do? Our Planet’s Future

ど~する?地球のあした [NHK]

Through animation, video footage and studio talk, this educational series designed for upper elementary school students discuss the global environment and its problems. Five episodes that focus on global warming were selected to show how global warming is progressing, and through video footage carefully explain how carbon dioxide, its cause, is increasing. The series further investigates what clean energy is, that doesn't make carbon dioxide, and introduces what Japan and other countries in the world are doing about the problems we face.

SERIES Clean energy can change a town.


ど~する?地球のあした | クリーンエネルギーが町をかえる [NHK]

|Length : 15min. |Year : 2012

There is a town called Kuzumaki, where the entire town and local industries cooperate to develop clean energy. Find out how people are making electricity with the things around them and how the town has got everyone thinking about saving energy.

SERIES Wind power’s future


ど~する?地球のあした | 風の力が未来を照らす? [NHK]

|Length : 15min. |Year : 2012

Wind power generation is looked upon with great expectations as a clean energy that doesn't emit carbon dioxide. Watch how a windmill gets built in a port town in Japan. Find out the benefits and what still needs to be solved about wind power.

SERIES Clean energy for a brighter future?


ど~する?地球のあした | クリーンエネルギーで明るい未来? [NHK]

|Length : 15min. |Year : 2012

Think about the kind of future we can prepare for by learning more about the possibilities of making new electricity using wind power, solar power, and hydro power, with a particular focus on wind power generation.

SERIES Stop Global Warming! What the world is doing


ど~する?地球のあした | ストップ温暖化!世界の取り組み [NHK]

|Length : 15min. |Year : 2012

See what developed countries are doing to reduce the output of carbon dioxide. Take a look at France's free bicycle rental system, how people in the Netherlands put solar panels on their roofs to make half of a city's electricity, and Japan's new fuel-celled battery car.

SERIES Why does carbon dioxide increase?


ど~する?地球のあした | 二酸化炭素はなぜ増える? [NHK]

|Length : 15min. |Year : 2012

Carbon dioxide is blamed for global warming. Why does it continue to increase? A major reason is that we use too much fossil fuel like petroleum. Find out how.

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