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A Brilliant Flash of Summer


秘境!大雪山 一瞬の夏 [NTV]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1991

Taisetsuzan National Park in the northern island of Hokkaido is the last great wilderness left in Japan.
Summer in Taisetsuzan is brief but spectacular. The season is so short that as soon as the animals can leave their dens they hastily begin preparing for the next long winter. With the melting of the last traces of snow on the mountains, the vast flower fields burst into bloom. Their glorious colors carpet the peaks until summer leaves Taisetsuzan.

The Last White Monkey


観察15年 野生の白い猿4姉妹の物語 [NTV]

|Length : 28min. |Year : 1991

Albino, or "white" animals, such as the famous white tiger, have recently begun to attract world-wide interest. Fifteen years ago, Mr.Toru Endoh, a dentist, became fascinated by the white monkey, which local legend says brings peace to the area. When he first began to study and observe this rarity, Endoh found four albino monkeys, of which the white monkey in this program is the only survivor. By documenting Endoh's years of personal study, this program shows and stresses the importance of protecting the natural environment of not only the white monkey, but all animals.

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