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Sican – The Mysteries of a Vanished Gold Empire –


よみがえる黄金都市シカン [TBS]

|Length : 59min. |Year : 1995

Izumi Shimada, a professor of archaeology, has devoted much of his life to studying a Pre-Incan culture whose secrets hide in an area of Peru known as the Batan Grande. Shimada hit pay dirt - literally - in 1991.- After 1000 days of tedious, painstaking work; he uncovered the largest gold tomb ever found in South America and many priceless artifacts. Shimada calls the religious empire that built the tomb, Sican - "Temple of the Moon" - and believes that other, even more impressive discoveries await.

The Doorway to Dreams+ ~Potato Power Saving Japan~


『夢の扉+』イモが新エネルギーに!?“イモ発電”で日本の電力不足を救え! [TBS]

|Length : 24 |Year : 2017

Takahiro Suzuki, professor in the Biology and Science department at Kinki University is pursuing his dream of making Japan an energy-independent nation using an alternative to fossil fuels. “To supply 10% of Japan’s electricity by generating power using sweet potatoes”.
Sweet potatoes are highly combustible, but hardly emit anything harmful when burnt, and they can be cultivated easily anywhere in Japan.
Suzuki was previously a bioenergy researcher with a strong belief that research was meaningless unless it could be put to actual use. This drove him to search for an alternative and practical energy source, eventually coming up with thermal power generation using sweet potatoes.
The first steps toward realizing the dream of spreading potato power generation throughout Japan are being taken in the prefecture where this vegetable was first introduced. A new project in this region will attempt to use potato power to run an electric motorbike. Join us to see the result.

Sicán – Los misterios del desaparecido imperio del oro –


よみがえる黄金都市シカン [TBS]

|Length : 59min. |Year : 1996

La cultura de Batán Grande
La historia del Imperio Inca que floreció en los siglos XV y XVI terminó con la conquista española. Izumi Shimada, un arqueólogo especializado en estudios andinos, ha investigado sobre Batán Grande y su cultura; el cree que esta es la mítica cultura del oro que existió antes de la inca. A partir de junio 1991 se realizó una excavación internacional dirigida por Shimada pero los resultados no fueron positivos. En noviembre de 1991, descubrieron la mayor tumba de oro en la historia de Latinoamérica. La constancia de Shimada había sido recompensada. Hacia el año 1,050 D.C. una sequía de 30 años devastó Sicán. El pueblo perdió la fe en las divinidades y abandonó la tierra.
Estas son las conclusiones de Shimada, que ha decidido continuar las excavaciones por demostrar sus teorías sobre el imperio de Sicán.

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