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Production Year 1993

SERIES The Unsung Experts of Japan | Hanabishi – The Fireworks Masters –


ワザあり!にっぽん | 名門花火師三代目の腕 青木多門・昭夫親子 [CTV]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1993

Every summer for hundreds of years, Japanese skies have lit up to the delight of old and young alike. Such marvelous pyrotechnics are the product of special expertise demanding skill, dedication and considerable creativity: it is not easy to become a fireworks master. In this fascinating study of a unique craft we watch the father and son team of Tamon and Akio Aoki prepare meticulously for a major - and impressive - display at Ise Shrine.

SERIES The Unsung Experts of Japan | The Cormorant Catcher – Supporting the Ancient Sport of Cormorant Fishing –


ワザあり!にっぽん | 野生の鵜を捕る男 鵜捕獲人・沼田弘幸 [CTV]

|Length : 27min. |Year : 1993

Although the Japanese have practiced ukai, or cormorant fishing for over a thousand years, cormorants are now a protected species and for some time, until his son Takeshi received license, the only man in Japan with a license to catch these creatures for training was Hiroyuki Numata. As much about humanity as it is about nature, this documentary offers a rare look at how the traditional secrets of an ancient craft are passed on from one generation to another.

SERIES Japan in Focus | Together Against the Wind – Wajima – Noto Peninsula –


新日本探訪 | 風の絆 奥能登 輪島 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 1993

For some people, a fence is not a neighborly thing. The "magaki", or bamboo fences of Osawa-machi on the Japan Sea, however, not only provide protection from the elements and serve as a tourist attraction, they are a symbol of community solidarity. The problem is that there are fewer young people to help maintain them. This interesting program says much about the "graying" of society and the problems faced by communities in preserving their traditional identity.

SERIES Japan in Focus | Himeko’s Little Barber Shop


新日本探訪 | 姫子さんの小さな床屋 宮崎・椎葉村 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 1993

As one can see from the little cluster of temporary structures in one corner of Shiiba in Miyazaki, life in Japan's rural communities requires resilience, perseverance, and even courage. Two years ago, for example, a typhoon destroyed almost everything Himeko owned, including her barber shop. Even so, she is rebuilding her life supported by family and friends. This is a moving portrait of village life in Japan's mountainous west and of one woman's determination.

The Backstreet Cats of Tokyo


ノラ猫タローと仲間達 涙と笑いの渋谷裏路地大冒険 [NTV]

|Length : 29min. |Year : 1993

In this wise and witty documentary about the cat-eat-rat world of Tokyo's backstreets, the cats do the talking! First, Taro, the fourteen-year old leader of the gang, explains how his little band of six wives and an expanding brood of kittens has managed to survive day-in and day-out. Then, when the wily old tom disappears, it's his senior wife, Sumi, who takes up the tale, along with leadership, until a younger male can be found. A fascinating program for animal lovers.

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